Six sets of Eco green pillows to be won!


With one in five Brits making their New Year’s resolution to go green in 2008*, an amazing new eco sleep range manufactured purely from environmentally friendly materials is about to make their pledge that little bit easier.

The ECO pillow (RRP £22.00), ECO quilt (RRP 30.80) and ECO mattress cover (RRP – £25.40), are fantastic new green products from Comfy Quilts.

Incorporating natural and recycled materials, ECO creates bedding that is as gentle to the body as it is to the environment. Ideal for those wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, ECO is essential to green living and will ensure sweet ethical dreams.

With a third of people concerned that ethical living will leave them out of pocket and a further 24% worried that going green would be too time consuming to commit to*, the ECO range combines an essential product with value for money to create easy green living.

The bedding provides maximum comfort and performance, with minimal environmental impact. The outer covers are ultra soft pure cotton fabric. The hollowfibre filling is made with 100% recycled polyester fibrefill made largely from recycled drinks bottles. Not only are ECO’s products fashioned out of eco-friendly materials but they are also soft, hypo-allergenic and washable at a convenient 30 degrees C. Even the packaging is ethical, made again from pure cotton fabric and designed to be reusable as a means of storage or transportation.

Jamie Moryoussef, Director of Comfy Quilts, comments: “Green living is becoming an essential part of our modern lifestyle and is something we will see increase more and more over time. It’s a misconception that going green is difficult or even costly, millions of small changes can make a big difference in the larger picture”

“The ECO range can help people obtain their goal of green living through the simplicity of sleep and encourage the UK to review their lifestyles, making adjustments along the way to combat environmental dangers.”

Comfy Quilts are offering six sets of pillows to Elixir readers. If you would like to win a set of pillows please email us with your name and address at by October 30. Please put Pillow in the email header. Please note that no cash equivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

For more information about the product or stockists visit or call 08708 031325.

Pure Cotton

The covers are 100% pure cotton, grown naturally and then manufactured without the use of harmful dyes, chemicals and bleaches. All fabric is washed before manufacture.

Regenerated Fibres

100% recycled polyester fiberfill is made largely from recycled drinks bottles made from poly ethylene terephthalate, or simply PET. This is done by remelting the bottles after use and extruding it as a fiber. This not only saves valuable petroleum raw materials but also reduces energy consumption, and eliminates solid waste sent to landfills. The resulting fibre is soft, clean and springy, providing excellent levels of comfort, support and insulation.