The beer drinkers diet

Columbia: The Beer Drinker’s Diet book, published by’s Booksurge, is gaining followers devoted to the author’s methods of losing weight while responsibly enjoying alcoholic beverages.

At first glance, the title “The Beer Drinker’s Diet” may appear to be a comedy book, but glancing through a few pages of Bradley Scott Cailor’s new book, you quickly realize that this is a very serious book for the thousands of people who want to lose weight, while enjoying life.

In an interview with Mr. Cailor, we asked why one should read the book and what makes it so different than others he replied:

“Most weight-loss books said that I could not drink beer while on a ‘diet.’ With this disparaging premise in mind, I have steadfastly tried to get around this issue by trying literally every ‘diet’ and ‘diet pill’ imaginable over the course of 25 years. Frustrated by gimmicky diets, dangerous pills, and senseless diet books, I was so tired of failure that I had to take matters into my own hands in a monumental quest to find what diet plan truly works.”

“In a common-sense manner, this book summarizes every proven principle from literally every diet plan and book into one complete and thoroughly tested guide that has been proven to work by real people. It is passionately written by an “actual writer” from the unique perspective of ‘one regular person to another,’ as I have been there, too!”

Cailor’s book is an interesting and motivating read. His techniques transformed his body, losing over 110 pounds of fat and flab.

New York Times best-selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh commented: “For anyone seeking a health program that really works, The Beer Drinker’s Diet is a motivating and significant book.”

The Columbus Dispatch stated: “The author also shows you step-by-step & pound-by-pound how he lost 114 pounds of fat while enjoying life…he even analyzes-in great detail-why each of his previous 25 years of diet attempts failed! We learn from his real-life trial & error why “miracle pills” and “fad diets” do NOT work …the author has tested all of these gimmicks, diets and pills for us. No Other Diet Book Does This! Beer is his symbol for any favorite food or drink that must be embraced to diet successfully.”

Mr. Cailor’s website contains testimonials and reviews of his book, which is surely to gain a huge following as it’s notice and popularity rises.
The Beer Drinker’s Diet is on sale through and offers a 100% guarantee, something seldom seen with book publishers.

Bradley ended the interview with, “Enjoy beer, enjoy life, it all works on this diet, as you really won’t be using this dirty little four-letter word ever again.”

About the author:
Bradley Scott Cailor is a resident of Dublin, Ohio, has a degree in health education and has served many years as a personal trainer.