Share your diet worries with weight management experts


London: Join weight management expert Dr Ian Campbell (pictured right) as he talks through issues relating to weight management and the phenomena of “yo-yoing” in a live web chat on Wednesday 20th June Chat time: 12:30 (GMT).

Can you relate to the one in ten women who have not applied for a job because they worry they are overweight or perhaps, like a quarter of women, you shut yourself in the home refusing to go out because you are so miserable about your weight? Most of us are aware of the health implications of being overweight, but size can also affect how we feel about ourselves as almost four out of five women feel there is a direct link between how much they weigh and whether they are happy or confident.

It’s not just women that this applies to though. According to research by Slimthru, one in ten men have let concerns about their weight prevent them from going on a date and nearly a quarter have been on a diet in preparation for a holiday. With more than half the country constantly dieting, it is comforting to know we are not alone but how can we lose those extra pounds, drop a dress size and keep the weight off for good? Eating less naturally leaves us with terrible hunger pangs but how can we stop ourselves from bingeing on crisps and chocolate and putting the weight back on?

Not only is it frustrating to regain all those pounds we lost but it is also hardly healthy to be constantly losing and gaining weight. With summer here, more than a quarter of people will go on a diet ahead of their holiday but what is the best way to lose those extra pounds and keep them off?

Dr Ian Campbell and Linda Duberley join us live online at < a href=""> on Wednesday 20th June at 12:30 to talk about loosing weight safely and keeping it off..

Ian Campbell A medical practitioner, Ian has become well known in the media for his direct and sensible approach to life. He is a full time GP and prominent campaigner for the prevention and treatment of obesity. Ian is a specialist at the Overweight Clinic, University Hospital, Nottingham, and founder and the first President of the National Obesity Forum. He is now the Honorary Medical Director of the leading charity “Weight Concern> ” , who won the Best New Charity of the Year Award in 2002 and works to address both the physical and psychological health needs of overweight people.

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