Get younger eyes – listen to Ten Years Younger expert


London: Join Nicky Hambleton-Jones from the UK’s Channel 4’s Ten Years Younger and Rosie Gavzey from the Eyecare Trust for advice on looking after our eyes.
Chat date: Friday 30th March 2007 – Chat time: 13.00(-1GMT) at

Nicky Hambleton-Jones is the face of hit Channel 4 show Ten Years Younger. Every week the South African style guru chooses a lucky candidate in need of a makeover and helps them to look, hopefully, ten years younger!

But Nicky doesn’t just advise people on where to get this season’s hottest clothes or the best chemical peel, she is also a firm believer in prevention being better than cure especially when it comes to protecting our gorgeous eyes against harmful UV rays.

Rosie Gavzey (BA BSc MCOptom), former Chairman of the Association of Optometrists and Trustee of the Eyecare Trust will reveal the mysteries of the eyes and give advice on promoting healthy sight.

With the start of British Summer Time just around the corner many of us will be hitting the high street to get the sexiest eyewear on the market. New research from IPSOS, sponsored by Transitions Optical reveals that nearly a third of people rarely or never wear UV protective eyewear, despite the fact that it is the best way protect our eyes from the sun. Approximately 83% of Brits think about skin cancer as one of the most harmful effects of extended sun exposure but only 5% think about their eyes. This is especially alarming since the damaging effects of UV light to the eye are most often irreversible.

Our sight is something that most of us take for granted – we visit the dentist more frequently than the optometrist! Brits presume that as long as we can see, our eyes are perfectly healthy. Less than half of us go to the optometrist as regularly as they should, which contrasts starkly with the fact that nine out of ten of us believe that sight is our most important sense and especially since 70% of us thinks its important to go to the optometrist regularly.

Join Nicky Hambleton-Jones and Rosie Gavzey as they tell us more about how to protect our eyes and give advice on getting ‘specs appeal’….

Nicky Hambleton-Jones from Channel 4’s Ten Years Younger and Rosie Gavzey from the Eyecare Trust, join us live online at on Friday 30 March 2007 at 13.00 (-1 GMT)

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