New wrinkle buster claims to diminish lines in one hour


Los Angeles: Dermatologists in the US say they are preparing for huge demand for a new wrinkle cream that reduces wrinkles in one hour.

Preliminary results from an ongoing independent clinical study assessing the effects of new iS CLINICAL(R) Youth Complex indicate that 97% of the subjects noted significant overall improvements in wrinkle reduction, texture, and firmness after one hour.

Wrinkles are created when key structures, like collagen and elastin, that support and strengthen the skin, breakdown mainly because of free-radical damage, causing damaged skin to crease. The only way to repair wrinkling is to rebuild these support structures, which are located in the deeper layers of the skin.

“The dramatic effects of Youth Complex can be attributed to our new ingredient iNNOVASE(TM)”, reports Bryan Johns, CEO of Innovative Skincare, creators of the new iS CLINICAL(R) Youth Complex. “This unique, clinically advanced bio-complex combines innovative natural hydrators, potent botanical antioxidants, and bio-identical growth factors that are clinically proven to help rebuild the skin’s support structures, prevent further DNA damage and optimize cellular metabolism.”

Consumer response to pre-launch advertising and pre-market sampling has been so strong that pre-orders and waiting lists were required to manage the thousands of requests.

“I have found that Youth Complex’s formulation allows you to see instant improvement of wrinkled skin while also accomplishing significant long-term improvements that my patients could clearly see,” said Dr. William Heimer II of Surfside Dermatology in San Diego, Calif. “Solid science with solid results in an easy single step application keeps my patients asking me for more.”

“I have never before seen a product that literally rejuvenates the skin within hours, days and weeks. My patients come to me because they expect results. I’ve found that Youth Complex provides the things my patients ask for most — prevention and correction — all in one bottle,” said Roberta F. Palestine, M.D., who completed her residency at the Mayo Clinic and is the founder and director of the Dermatology & Clinical Skin Care Center in Bethesda, Md.

Youth Complex’s simultaneous, triple-action formula contains a matrix of dehydrated hyaluronic acid molecules that penetrate the skin nestling into fine lines and wrinkles. Acting like mini sponges, these natural hydrators expand by absorbing the skin’s natural moisture loss and plump the wrinkle from within. The bio-nutrients then work to support the newly raised wrinkle by strengthening the barrier between the epidermis and dermis, creating a type of scaffolding under the skin. Finally, the bio-identical growth factors and reparative botanicals help rebuild the collagen and elastin in the skin’s deepest layers resulting in long-term, more permanent improvements.

iS Clinical Youth Complex will retail for $135 (£65, €100) and is exclusively sold through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, cosmetic physicians and medical estheticians. To find a retailer near you, log on to

iS CLINICAL is the exclusive clinical skincare brand by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE, which features optimal “results-oriented” skincare formulations. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE is committed to improving skin health by developing the highest quality of products, supporting the research of new treatments, raising the bar on corporate integrity, and serving the needs of its skincare customers globally.

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