10% discount for ELIXIR readers on new zero calorie sweetner


A new natural sugar alternative that’s safe for diabetics is now available and to mark its debut Zsweet is offering all ELIXIR readers a 10% discount.

All you have to do is go to www.zsweet.eu and click to buy a packet of Zsweet. After choosing your shipping destination, you will be asked to insert the media code ZSWTEN1

One of the strongest sugar-substitute contenders to enter the marketplace, Zsweet® was ten years in the developing by a small American company whose mission it was to find low glycemic alternatives of the highest integrity and quality.

Its unique formulation makes it taste and look just like sugar, from its white sugar-like crystals to its like-for-like usage in baking – what better way to ease yourself into your bikini, ready for the imminent heatwave!

• Zsweet doesn’t raise blood sugar levels – the green light for diabetics

• Has no artificial ingredients – a healthy way of eating

• Doesn’t cause irritation during digestion

• Contains zero tooth decaying properties – great for kids

• It’s free from all bitter/nasty aftertastes – unlike most sweeteners on the market

• Contains zero calories – great for the waistline

• Unlike other sweeteners, Zsweet doesn’t contain any bulking up ingredients so can be measured and used just use it like ordinary sugar.

Its founder, Tim Avila, was devastated when his mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 10 years ago. He was already working with a natural product called erythritol (pronounced ee-rith-ri-tol) and saw many health benefits that could be developed. He borrowed $1.5million and over the next six years, made Zsweet what it is today.

Zsweet is now being introduced to Britain by European distributor Cormac Walsh, who said: “I first became involved after my sister was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It helps diabetics in a huge way because they no longer have real anxiety about eating cakes and buns.”
As from November (2008) the E.U. officially recognises erythritol as zero calorie sweetener thereby formalising Zsweet’s benefits:

1. Zero calories per gram – due to erythritol’s unique absorption and elimination process which does not involve the metabolism of erythritol.

2. Zero rated on glycemic index meaning that it does not have an effect on blood serum glucose or insulin levels – clinical studies conducted in people with diabetes conclude that erythritol may be safely used to replace sucrose in foods formulated specifically for people with diabetes.

3. Zero tooth decaying properties – erythritol is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria which break down sugars and starches to produce acids which may lead to tooth enamel loss and cavities formation.

4. Safe – erythritol as a food ingredient is substantiated by a number of human and animal safety studies including short and long term feeding, multi-generation reproduction and teratology studies.
(source: Information)

Zsweet is made from a blend of erythritol and natural fruit extracts as flavour enhancers with no artificial components – not even trace amounts.

As Dr Roisin Lagan from CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise – Loughry Campus) states, “Consumers are demanding a reduction in overall use of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in food products. Alternative methodologies and natural ingredients are being investigated to maintain the product safety and quality consumers have come to expect from their food products.”

As the research is still ongoing, Dr Roisin adds that, “…one area under investigation by food technologists, is the potential of natural sweeteners, such as Zsweet, to reduce sugar levels in food products.”

CAFRE is an integral part of the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture & Rural Development). Loughry is the College’s centre of excellence for food technology and has lead responsibility for people development and technology transfer programmes in the food processing and supply industry. It provides key expertise in food manufacture, safety, packaging, innovation and waste minimisation.

So when you are craving for a spoonful of sugar, try a spoonful of this brand new sweetener Zsweet sprinkled over your morning cereal or over your evening dessert of fresh berries and crème fraiche and odds on, you’ll be a Zsweet convert.

More Information

• Zsweet can only be purchased on line at www.zsweet.eu
• Prices start at £8.49 for 300gms

New sweetner with health benefits launches in UK


London: Perfect Sweet announces the launch of a new, completely natural, low carb, low GI sweetener with a host of health benefits, making it perfect for dieters, diabetics, children, dental patients, mums-to-be and women at high risk of osteoporosis – as well as anyone concerned about oral health and general well-being.

A deliciously sweet alternative to sugar for everyday use, Perfect Sweet is derived entirely from xylitol, a naturally occurring substance found in strawberries, plums and pears. Whilst it looks and tastes just as good as sugar, it offers a much healthier alternative.

Because xylitol releases its energy, much slower than any other sugar or sweetener, people who eat it in the place of sugar feel fuller for longer and are less likely to snack. This makes Perfect Sweet deal for diabetics or others for those on low GI diets who need to keep their blood sugar stable.

Xylitol contains 40% fewer calories than conventional sugar and has a GI (Glycemic Index) count of just seven, compared to conventional sugar (which has a GI of 49). That means you would have to eat up to seven times as much Perfect Sweet to have the same effect on your blood sugar – or your hips. For those on a low carb diet, xylitol makes an ideal companion too, with it having 75% fewer available carbohydrates than sugar.

Perfect Sweet has a number of other surprising health benefits, which makes it much more than just another alternative to sugar. Added to a range of food and drinks such as tea, coffee, smoothies, cereals, fruit puddings or snacks, Perfect Sweet can turn everyday drinks and food into delicious health products.

“We all know the consequences of our addiction to sugar: weight gain, mood swings, skin problems, diabetes, oral cavities and even infections such as overgrowth of Candida Albicans, which is though to lead to thrush and many other afflictions,” says Edward Baylis at Perfect Sweet. “But until now there just hasn’t been a satisfactory, non-chemical alternative to sugar. The most exciting thing about Perfect Sweet is that for the first time we have a 100% natural, completely healthy product, that is not only as delicious as the stuff we’re used to, but actually delivers a host of positive health benefits. This is the kind of product parents will be encouraging their kids to eat!”

Priced at £2.69 for a 225g pack, Perfect Sweet is available in selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Holland and Barrett and Waitrose stores. For more information www.perfectsweet.co.uk

More benefits of Perfect Sweet

Oral Health
One of the major discoveries in respect to xylitol was the discoveryfinding that when it iwas broken down in the mouth and stomach it produces an alkaline environment, rather than an acidic one , which like like sugar does. This means thatIn this alkaline environment the bacteria that cause tooth decay can’t survive and decay is prevented. Thee alkaline environment which is created also favours calcium and mineral absorption so enamel decay is even seen to be reversed.

Increased calcium absorption in the stomach has led to studies observing a much improved bone density (stronger bones) when using xylitol regularly. This could be a potentially massive be a huge help for those living with conditions such as osteoporosis.

Bacterial and Yeast Infections
The killing of bacteria with xylitol, has further led to the discovery that ear infections, and other bacterial and yeast infections (such as thrush), can be prevented when using it. There has been particular interest in the use of xylitol to help prevent ear infections in young children.