Model Nell McAndrew reveals core muscle secrets


Nell McAndrew shows us some simple exercises in this live webTV show tomorrow at 14.00 GMT to explain to women of all ages the benefits of strengthening their core muscles.

For women generally, health and wellbeing is of increasing importance. From step-ups to squats, we know the exercises we need to be doing to keep our body in shape. But one group of muscles often overlooked are our pelvic floor muscles.

Your pelvic floor is a complex network of muscles and ligaments reaching from your pubic bone to your spine, providing essential support for your bladder, womb and bowel. These muscles can stretch and weaken through pregnancy and childbirth, age or lack of exercise. A common side-effect of weakened pelvic floor muscles is bladder weakness – something which affects one in four women over the age of 35 in the UK.

Fortunately almost three-quarters of bladder weakness cases triggered by a weakened pelvic floor can be remedied with simple exercises. The exercises improve core muscle strength, contributing to better posture and a flatter tummy.

Joining us on this live webTV show will be Nell McAndrew who will demonstrate a few of the simple exercises that could make a world of difference to your figure and quality of life. She’s joined by Gill Brook, a women’s health physiotherapist who has worked in the specialty for over 20 years.

Nell McAndrew joins us live online at Nell McAndrew’s Core Muscle Exercises

on Wednesday 24th February at 2pm to discuss pelvic floor strength and demonstrate some simple exercises.

About Nell

Nell McAndrew is no stranger to a tough workout regime. The model and TV star and mum of one, has released four of her own fitness videos and makes it her priority to keep fit and healthy.

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A lack of strong pelvic floor muscles means that half of all women of all ages suffer stress incontinence when laughing, coughing and exercising.

Effective exercise develops tighter muscles which also brings the benefits of greater intimate contact!

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The sad thing is that 80% of cases could be quickly and easily cured with a simple exercise programme.

The criminal fact is that women are not told how to exercise effectively and that it is ESSENTIAL to exercise by squeezing against a resistance as recommended by Arnold Kegel, the ‘founder’ of pelvic floor exercises over 50 years ago.

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