Can you imagine a life without reading glasses?



New lens implant technology means Cataract and Presbyopia patients can have sharp vision at both short and long distances without the use of glasses.

Innovative dual optic accommodating lens implants give patients sharp vision at all focal points: a major sight breakthrough for Cataract and Presbyopia patients. Presbyopia is the age-related deterioration in the ability to focus on close objects.

NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeon Mr Bobby Qureshi, one of the UK’s leading eye surgeons and Medical Director of the London Eye Hospital, has announced that he is among the first surgeons in the UK that have been trained to use Visiogen’s Synchrony lens and that he performed the first bilateral Synchrony dual optic IOL lens implant in the UK in July.

“This is a major breakthrough in ophthalmic technology. I feel so fortunate to be pioneering it in the UK,” says Mr Bobby Qureshi. “We have the potential here to change patients’ vision to how it was before their Cataract or Presbyopia..”

The spring action between the two lenses of the Synchrony design allows patients to change the focus from near, to intermediate to distant. Where in the past patients had different lenses fitted to each eye, one that would concentrate on near vision and one that would focus on distant vision, it is now possible for patients to change focus from distant to near on only one eye. It also eliminates the glare and night time halos so common with some other lenses such as multifocal implants.

The lens implant may be suitable for any patient who uses readers or bifocal/varifocals, or if a cataract is present.

The new lens implant puts previously pioneered eye implants in the shade: with other eye implants, over 70% of people are still left with a degree of long sight, short sight or astigmatism after surgery and are unable to say goodbye to their glasses.

After studying at medical school in London, Mr Bobby Qureshi trained and worked at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital, one of the world’s leading eye centres, and is now Medical Director of the London Eye Hospital. As he pioneered multi-focal lens implants and specialises in cataract surgery, he was the first eye surgeon in the UK to perform Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) surgery nearly a year ago and is now one of the most experienced surgeons in the world using this lens.

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