Win an Estée Lauder gift set worth more than £300

Be your own makeup artist with 30 colours, brushes and more. Discover what makes great Christmas Style, all in a chic red cosmetic travel bag.Estee.jpg
This extraordinary collection includes:

  • Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact with 18 coordinating shades (Summer Linen, Amazing Grey, Amethyst Spark, Flirty Lilac, Pink Flash, Purple Passion, Nude Fresco, Tranquil Moon, Peacock Blue, Smoky Ember, Berry Burst, Tempting Mocha, Ivy Envy, Chocolate Bliss, Ivory Slipper, Sandbar Beige, Hot Cinnamon, Rivera Rose.)
  • Deluxe All-Over Face Compact (Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer, Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Pink Kiss, Radiant Peach and Nude Rose.)
  • 2 Pure Color Gloss in Orchid Passion Shimmer & Electric Ginger.
    Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks (full-size, in Barely Nude, Candy and Fresh Plum)
  • Sumptuous Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara (10-day supply; in Black)
  • Artist’s Eye Pencils (great for smoky eyes, in SoftSmudge Black, SoftSmudge Brown)
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (full-size 100ml.)
  • Chic Red Cosmetic Traveller
To win this lovely collection please give the correct answer to the following question the
following question:
What colour is the free travel bag that comes with this collection?
A. Pink
B. Red
C. Black
Please send you correct answer to us at Please put Estee in the email header.  This competition ends on 19 December 2011. The winner will be contacted by email by the 20 December 2011. Please note that the Editor’s decision is final and no cash equivalent is being offered.

This competition is now finished and the lovely prize has been won by Steven Holman of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

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Get ready for a relaxing and fun christmas at the Spirit of Christmas Fair


spirit_2010 green2+gold[1] [400x300].JPGIndulge and be inspired this winter at the UK’s most stylish and exclusive Christmas shopping experience Spirit of Christmas Fair in association with House & Garden. Taking place 3-7 November 2010 at London’s Kensington Olympia, discover exquisite and desirable brands offering irresistible gift ideas for the season.

The Spirit of Christmas Fair is a collection of over 600 boutique brands, each hand-picked for their quality and originality, offering a sophisticated and exclusive shopping experience and a great day out with friends.

As well as gifts, the Fair offers fashion accessories such as Alison Van Der Lande’s luxurious bags and designer shoes from Gwendolyn Carrie. Renowned homeware designers Jan Constantine and Emma Bridgewater will be introducing their latest collections whilst Beasty Bags offer the perfect children’s gifts from gorgeous cushions to stylish beanbags. There are also natural beauty products, beautiful stationery, toys and games as well as gourmet food and fine wine. Stockings will be amply filled by the many brands exhibiting including dotcomgiftshop who have a fabulous selection of gifts to suit all needs.

If you would like to join us at the fair, tickets are available at or call 0871 230 1089*

Advance adult: £16

Advance child (13 and over): £8.50

Tickets on the door adult: £18

Tickets on the door child (13 and over): £9.50

Children 12 and under FREE

*Calls cost 10 pence per minute from BT landlines, calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. Booking fee applies. Advance box office closes 2 November 2010

Acupuncture can relieve Xmas stress


London: *One in five Britons suffers from stress during the festive season. Tiredness, lack of exercise, an overload of people, alcohol, food, spending and over-excited children can all contribute to increasing levels of stress.

Beverly Dickins, acupuncturist and British Acupuncture Council member said the pressures at this time of year can have a very real impact on our well-being.

“From shopper’s backache and Christmas dinner panic to December dehydration and over-spending insomnia, the festive season is a stressful time for many of us,” she said.

“The most common symptom of stress is a breakdown in your immune system, leaving you susceptible to colds and illness. Eating fattening foods, taking less exercise and stressful situations between family members can really take its toll on your health.”

“Holistic therapies such as acupuncture can help you cope with these demands and enable you to stay on top of things.”

Stress, anger, or any intense emotion acts like a traffic jam, blocking the free flow of energy in the body. One of the many symptoms people who are very stressed experience is upper back, shoulder and neck pain. This is because stress causes the ‘snarling up’ of the energy passing through channels in these areas causing pain, tension and stiffness – often resulting in headaches as well.

Through acupuncture, these energy blockages can be addressed. Acupuncture can help energy flow smoothly, and alleviate not only the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but the underlying stress and anxiety itself.

In addition, acupuncture improves circulation of blood throughout the body. The calming nature of acupuncture also helps decrease heart rate, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles.

Beverley said as the winter days become shorter and colder and with most of us trying to cram in last minute work, many people will start to feel tired and rundown as the festive season approaches.

“In over 25 years of practice I have been continually impressed at the breadth and power of acupuncture as it has something for everyone and can really help in situations like this,” she said.

“Acupuncture can assist with the following symptoms:

Feeling unwell and tired – acupuncture can elevate your mood and return good energy levels to your body

Feeling stressed – acupuncture can calm you down and you can learn how to stimulate acupressure points to assist with ongoing anxiety

Hangovers and eating to excess- acupuncture’s capacity to cleanse the organs can help restore wellbeing after diet and alcohol excess.”

To find your nearest qualified British Acupuncture Council practitioner please visit < ahref=""> or call T: + 44 (0)20 8735 0400

About the British Acupuncture Council
The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has a membership of over 2,800 professionally qualified acupuncturists and is the UK’s largest professional body for the practice of acupuncture.

BAcC members practise a traditional, holistic style of acupuncture diagnosis and treatment based on a system developed and refined over 2,000 years. To achieve BAcC membership, practitioners must first undertake extensive training in traditional acupuncture (minimum three years full-time or part-time equivalent), which includes physiology, anatomy and other biomedical sciences appropriate to the practice of acupuncture.

*Research courtesy of

Xmas stress piles on the pounds

London: Christmas stress piles on the pounds, according to a new survey from Weight Watchers Online.

The survey reveals that:

· 57% name Christmas as the most sociable time of the year

· 82% name time off work as the most enjoyable part of the lead up to Christmas

· Over a third of people stress out thinking whether people will be happy with their Christmas present

· Over 1/3 of people find not tucking into all the left over food the hardest thing about the aftermath of Christmas

The stress of the festive period manifests itself in 12 Personas of Christmas the study concludes.

Shopping is undoubtedly one of the country’s favourite activities, this is voted the most stressful part of the festive season with 61% of participants claiming it is their number one headache.

82% of participants asked, said that they found Christmas, as a whole, the most stressful time of year.

With all the different ‘stresses’ that surround the festive holidays, Weight Watchers Online has discovered the “12 Personas of Christmas”.

Stressed Susan – Suffers from Christmas shopping overload

Top Tip: make lists for all the shopping, who you need to buy for and buy a few extra backup presents just in case. Make use of the shops’ websites and catalogues for ideas.

Picky Pam – Loves to snack when near food at Christmas

Top Tip: replace those nibbles with healthier options. Place bowls of pretzels, rice crackers or Weight Watchers Rice Sticks around the house.

Frivolous Fred – Overspending on presents can cause stress and worry in the aftermath of Christmas

Top Tip: set yourself a budget to avoid overspending. Sit down and work out exactly how much you want to spend and how much you can afford. Don’t forget to shop around for those presents; take advantage of gift offers that are in many shops.

Worrying Wendy – A Worrying Wendy stresses about people being disappointed with their presents

Top Tip: Ask around for advice on what people might want, but stop giving yourself a hard time, it’s the thought that counts. How about making a personal gift with photos or homemade cookies? Try to remember this time of year is not just about presents.

Negative Nelly– Stresses about losing weight to look good in time for Christmas Day.

Top Tip: Don’t panic, we’re only human. If you have over indulged or are concerned about weight loss then seek tips and strategies from Weight Watchers Online, and you will soon be back on track.

Fashion Fretter Fran – Ruins the run up by worrying what wear to the Christmas party

Top Tip: Remember you don’t have to go over the top. Wear something you’re comfortable and confident in and dress it up with wonderful accessories; perhaps some sparkly earrings or a glitzy handbag

Turkey Tim – Stresses about cooking the Christmas dinner

Top Tip: Make a timetable and try and get as much done the night before. Delegate even if it’s just laying the table – you’ll be surprised how these little jobs can ease the stress from the cooking

Conscientious Carol – Spending times with the in-laws and relatives for many is a huge worry

Top Tip: Remember it’s only for one day, why not take yourself out for a walk for 10 minutes to try to relax, Try and plan in advance activities that will keep everyone entertained, such as the classic charades!

Money worry Mary– Paying off the debts can worry many of us before, during and after Christmas

Top Tip: Christmas is not just about presents, you can be generous without being extravagant. Shop around for the best deals and don’t forget to set out a payment plan by giving yourself a budget to stick to for the 6 weeks after Christmas. You can always give time as a present, offer to do the gardening, or a voucher for a home-cooked meal.

Torn Tracy – A Torn Tracy worries about where to spend Christmas day; friends, family, partner?!

Top Tip: You don’t have to upset anyone, divide up Christmas between the houses. Spend Boxing Day with one, Christmas Eve with another and have everyone to yours for drinks on the Bank Holiday

11. Hurrying Holly – Always in a Hurry but never on time. Nothing seems to be done, everything is started, but left to the last minute.

Top Tip: Sit down, relax, and take a breath! Pick up a piece of paper and pen. Write a list of what you want to achieve and give yourself a time frame, do not be ambitious but be realistic.

And the persona we all strive for

12. Jolly Josephine – Whom everyone wants to be! Taking Christmas in your stride, looking forward to the big day and everything is under control and makes up the perfect timetable!

Top Tip: Share your knowledge and calmness with those around you!

Gina Schauffer, senior editor of says: “Christmas is undoubtedly a stressful time of the year, but it’s important to bear in mind that it’s only one day. offers a stress-free online weight loss service, available 24/7, with recipe ideas, fitness tips and interactive message boards where one can share Christmas tips and experiences with like-minded people. However, Christmas comes but once a year and everyone deserves to enjoy a treat every now and again.”

Other interesting statistics;

· 57% name Christmas as the most sociable time of the year

· 82% name time off work as the most enjoyable part of the lead up to Christmas

· Over a third of people stress out thinking whether people will be happy with their Christmas present

· Over 1/3 of people find not tucking into all the left over food the hardest thing about the aftermath of Christmas