Chewing gum has health benefits, says new report

London:The worldÂ’s largest manufacturer of chewing gum, The Wrigley Company, today announced the launch of the first Expert Report outlining the four key benefits of chewing gum.

The report pulls together research on how chewing gum can improve dental health (specifically aiding plaque reduction), help with weight management, improve concentration and alertness and also relieve stress. This is the first time the research, conducted by academics and scientists across the globe over the last few years, has been pulled together in one comprehensive, user friendly guide.

The launch of the Expert Report follows the creation of the Wrigley Science Institute (WSI) earlier this year. The Institute has been set up to conduct further research into the health benefits of chewing gum and brings together experts in their fields from Europe, United States and Asia. Initial findings from the WSI are due out later this year.

“Most people associate chewing gum with fresh breath and a cleaner feeling mouth but the benefits of chewing gum are a lot broader than that. Research conducted in the last few years has already shown direct correlations between chewing gum and reducing stress, improving focus, effective weight management and dental health,” said Alexandra MacHutchon, a Wrigley spokesperson.

“This report brings together the science behind these claims in a consumer friendly report that also provides information on other additional benefits such as reducing acid reflux, helping with the affects of air pressure while flying and aiding smoking cessation.”

The Expert Report is the first in what will be a series of updates from The Wrigley Company on the health benefits of chewing gum.

“As the WSI publishes new research on the different ways that chewing gum can benefit your health we will be updating and refreshing the Expert Report and continuing to educate consumers. We are continually finding new benefits both in terms of general health and in specific medical areas such as surgery recovery times. As more research is commissioned we are very excited about the prospect of finding new ways in which gum can help people maintain a healthy body and mind,” said Alexandra.

About the Wrigley Company

The Wrigley Company is the worldÂ’s leading manufacturer of chewing and bubblegum and a major player in the confectionery industry worldwide.

Some of Wrigley’s most famous brands include Wrigley’s Extra®, Airwaves®, Orbit®, Juicy Fruit®, Wrigley’s Spearmint®, Doublemint® and Hubba Bubba®. Wrigley is committed to diversifying close to home and recently launched its first non-gum products for over one hundred years – Extra™ Thin Ice™ and Extra™ Mints.

Daily tipple contributes to longevity

Miami: Moderate alcohol consumption can help you live to a ripe old age, scientists at the University of Florida have discovered.

A study of the drinking habits of more than 2,400 adults in their seventies found that those who consumed one to seven drinks a week were likely to live longer and have fewer heart attacks.

They were put into different classes of drinking: ‘never or occasional’ drinkers who consumed less than one drink a week, ‘light to moderate’ (one to seven drinks) or ‘heavier’ (more than seven). During a five year period five 397 died and 383 had cardiac trouble, such as a heart attack or heart failure.

It was discovered that those who drank lightly to moderately had a 26 per cent lower risk of death and an almost 30 per cent reduced risk of cardiac trouble. But heavy drinkers were more likely to die or experience cardiac trouble than those who drank the least.

Researchers, who published their findings in the Archive of Internal Medicine concluded that the health effects of alcohol are linked to reduced levels of inflammation.