Star product: Mesotherapist by Laboratoires Filorga Paris

For anyone who has tried Dermaroller in an aesthetic clinic or any home skin roller kit, this is a great innovation. ‘Needling’ the skin, as it is called, and pricking it with tiny punctures has been proven to boost it with tiny punctures is proven to boost collagen growth and skin elasticitity. This is because the skin’s repair system kicks in and repairs the damage (which is minimal and not painful)so more and new collagen grows.

Even for a person with very sensitive skin, like our tester, needling does make your go red but it calms down almost instantly and certainly next day. But home kits are not has invasive as the needle depth is less.

The bonus of using the Filorga kit you also get a mega dose of anti-oxidant vitamins and more into the tissue which helps repair, radiance and plumpness. The spray-on solution includes a patented product called NCTF which is used in clinical aesthetic treatments. Added to which the roller can be used over and over again with your own brands of serums. These roller treatments costs about £300 plus in a clinic so using this system regularly will save loads in the long run. It’s also been tested to improve skin texture, tone and depth of wrinkles in clinical tests.

We used the kit over a three week period and noticed results after about seven days. The start of jowl sag was reversed and skin just looked more vibrant. You do the treatment in the evenings before the skin maximises on repair overnight while you sleep – spraying the solution directly onto the skin and rolling the rotating head over the face. You spray again and leave the formula to soak into the skin.

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Costs £118 (includes 1 x roller and a 15ml spray) which is sufficient for a three week boost treatment. We thought this product deserved a rare 10/10 rating!