Longer lashes instantly with FreezeFrame

This is a new ‘mascara’ which aims to extend your lashes without all the bother and fuss of getting them done in a salon.


What you do have to remember is that you only put it on the ends of lashes – this is so that the tiny fibres attach to the end. It’s also something that is not good to do in a rush, although it only takes about three minutes to apply.

lash product

We tried putting on our usual mascara to build up some colour then applied the FreezeFrame Instant Lash – and that worked well.  And it did extend lash length beyond what you would normally expect from an ordinary mascara.  You have to be a little careful with clumping but you can use our own mascara want to separate lashes.

This product costs £27.99 from Boots and lasts for one month – that’s with daily use.  Our verdict is that this is a very useful product in between using falsies.