A tropical island in Europe?

All is not what is seems at this tropical paradise…
A tropical island?

It’s actually man-made and built on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany. The tropical Islands are built inside a hangar built originally to house airships.

And while its snowing outside the holiday paradise which has 6,000 visitors daily maintains a temperature of 80 degrees plus.

As well as beaches, there are shops, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. And you can even stay in a beach tent for the night. It also houses Europe’s largest sauna complex.

As well as flamingos, free-flying canaries also fly around the site.

As well as the thousands of visitors each day, approximately 500 people work at the site which first opened in 2004.
Incredibly, the hangar, which is 360 metres long, 210 metres wide and 107 metres high, is tall enough to enclose the Statue of Liberty.

Look at the video on the resort here: