Botox and Bubbles


Italian cosmetic dottore Bruno Amendola launched his new venture The Private Cosmetic Clinic at no 10 Harley Street this week.

He hosted a themed party – Bubbles and Botox at the Marylebone eatery, Après,  opposite Selfridges in London’s Duke Street.
After working in two of the UK largest cosmetic clinics he has branched out to launch his own cllinic.  With our champagne in hand we were given the low down on the pros and cons of  Botox in a presentation.

We were also given a complimentary membership to ‘Partner of Champagne for Life’, entitling all guests to a comp glass of Champagne across the world in participating bars

Dr Amendola needless to say is very charming and has been practicing medicine since 1995 and fully registered in the UK since 1997. He has a 4 year International post-degree in aesthetic medicine and has been fully trained in teosyal, juvederm, allergan, obagi and dermaroller. He has seen up to 8000 patients up to date, including many celebrities, making him one the most experienced Botox doctors in London. He is well recognised for his excellent work in jaw shaping using botox and also treating fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate under-eye area through botox injections.