Glass Geishas – every girl has her price!

Waterstones – one of my favourite places in Covent Garden with comfy armchairs and quiet spots to sit and browse – was the venue for the launch this week of the paperback Glass Geishas – a novel set in the murky world of hostess bars in Tokyo.Glass Geishas.jpeg

The backdrop for the novel is the red light district of Rappongi where Step arrives to work as a hostess and meet up with an old friend…who it seems has disappeared.  Free drinks, lots of money and the chance to work with her old school friends Julia and Annabel.  And there is no sex involved honestly!

The author journalist Susanna Quinn hosted the event, A Summer Evening in Japan, with wine and delicious sushi from SeeWoo, the oriental food specialists.  The bookshop was packed for the launch.
As well as the high profile murders of a number of European girls in recent years, Susanna brings you bang smack to the reality of what life is like working in these bars – pretty grim – and she should know because she has tried her hand as a hostess, club dancer and party masseuse. 
Nowadays her life is more mundane.  She lives in Brighton with her partner, baby daughter and the flocks of seagulls.Susannahjpeg.jpeg
I have started reading and can’t put it down – so get your copy!  It’s £7.99 from Waterstones!