Pets have more accidents at Xmas


Pets have more accidents in the home at Christmas, according to new research[2] commissioned by ButcherÂ’s Pet Care, 50% of dogs are involved in a Christmas related accidents and one in ten (1/10) have had a trip to the vet as a result.

Knocking over Christmas trees (32%), eating decorations (19%), being electrocuted on the fairy lights and eating more turkey, trimmings and chocolate than is good for them (21%) are amongst some of the commonest mishaps. To help dog owners ButcherÂ’s Dog Food has put together a guide on dog-proofing your house at Christmas to ensure this festive season you have a happy home and not a war zone.

So, to stop your dog barking up the wrong tree, here are Butcher’s Dog Food’s 12 top tips for dog –proofing your home this Christmas:

If you have a real tree, make sure the needles are cleaned up regularly to prevent them getting stuck in paws and throats.

Avoid having flashing lights on your tree, or your dog may go in for the attack or get frightened off!

Decorate with unbreakable baubles and keep any tinsel and ribbon high up on the tree. DON’T put white Angel hair on the tree – this is spun glass and can shred your dogs insides if digested.

When putting up decorative lights, make sure the electric cords are not dangling and if possible tack them down to stop them being chewed or tripped over by a curious dog.

Anchor the tree in place so no inquisitive pooches end up knocking it over when they are nosing around underneath it.

Alcohol may make you merry but if drunk your four legged friend will be as sick as a dog. After Xmas parties tip away dregs so your dog doesnÂ’t help clear up and end up with a hangover himself

Make sure any burning candles are well out of the way – a wagging tail can knock things over or catch fire!

Festive blooms can be poisonous – don’t let your dog chew on any Poinsettias, Holly or Mistletoe or they could get a very uncomfortable stomach.

No-one expects Christmas to be a Silent Night, but all that festive cheer, balloons, poppers, crackers can drive your dog potty. Make sure they have a safe haven to escape to for an undisturbed relax.

Try not to over-indulge your dog with human food treats. Avoid giving them chocolate, which can potentially be poisonous or meat with bones as these can splinter and get lodged in small throats.

Instead your four legged friend will appreciate a naturally nutritious meal packed with tasty meat. This will insure he is as Fit As A ButcherÂ’s Dog all Christmas long! So go on crack open a can of ButcherÂ’s Dog Food!

Last but not leastÂ…just because you are outside it doesnÂ’t mean your dog is out of Christmas danger! If youÂ’re going for a Christmas drive but your car is frozen keep dogs away from the anti freeze. They love the sweet taste but it is lethal if swallowed. If your dog is affected then seek immediate veterinary advice.

And finally, kick back, relax and enjoy a dog disaster-free zone all Christmas long!