New sonic technology skin gadget launches in the UK


London: A new skin cleansing gadget, called the Clarisonic, which uses sonic sound technology has gone on sale in the UK.

The gadget uses sonic sound technology to brush away dirt and skin debris without harming the integrity of the dermis – revealing cleaner, softer younger skin.

The device is the idea of the primary inventor of the Sonicare sonic toothbrush which uses sonic technology to speed clean teeth.

Initially used pre-treatment by top dermatologists and spas and now also available as a home-use product throughout the USA, this patented sonic technology is proven to be instrumental in improving facial cleansing; the first and most important step towards improved skin.

Building from Clarisonic’s tremendous professional and retail success, the makers of Clarisonic are introducing the device through top spas and retailers in the UK – starting with Space NK in October 2009 at a price of around £175.

The sonic difference

Clarisonic® is a professional-calibre brush that uses a gentle sonic micro-massage action to cleanse deeply. It gently clears pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals, cleansing so effectively that skin care products absorb better. Study results of Clarisonic show that six times more makeup is removed than manual cleansing which can bring about the reduced appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone.

A minute a day for cleaner, healthier skin

Using any nonabrasive facial cleanser, Clarisonic works to unclog pores for deeper cleansing, working with the skin’s natural elasticity without stripping it. It is safe for virtually all skin types and for daily use and studies prove it to be twice as effective at cleansing the skin as manual cleansing with soap and water.

With its built in one minute timer, Clarisonic beeps to indicate when it is time to clean the next area of the face and is as easy to use as a powered toothbrush – so no additional time is added to the beauty ritual. It is also waterproof so can safely be used in the bathroom and shower.

“These days, people are using sunscreens daily, long-lasting makeup and self-tanners, so it’s imperative to properly cleanse the face if you want clear skin,” says a leading dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch, “Dirt, oil and bacteria left on the skin can wreak havoc, and without clean pores, treatment products like acne fighters and anti-ageing moisturisers are less effective.”

Spot the difference

Because it cleans so effectively yet gently, Clarisonic is recommended by dermatologists for daily cleansing of skin – even the sensitive skin of people with rosacea, acne or seborrhea. It reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes and diminishesthe appearance of pores, as well as helps men with shaving rashes. It has also been shown to be helpful for people with ageing skin – reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clarisonic’s gentle sonic micro-massage action cleans skin so well that it also prepares it to absorb skin care products more effectively. Studies show up to 61% better absorption of Vitamin C after cleansing with Clarisonic compared with manual cleansing allowing the skin to experience the full benefits of serums and moisturisers.

Nicky Kinnaird, Founder and President of SpaceNK commented on the launch “This high-tech face brush unlocked the benefits of every single skincare product I own. Using a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, the Clarisonic gently cleanses your skin twice as effectively as manual cleansing. Even more impressive is that this allows all of your favourite serums and creams to penetrate much better than they are right now.”

Whilst David Hughes, Head of International Operations for Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, makers of Clarisonic who was one of the original team responsible for the successful roll out of Sonicare in the UK added “We’ve all seen how sonic technology has changed the way we clean our teeth. Now with Clarisonic, sonic technology will dramatically improve how we care for our face, and in turn, our appearance. Because it clears the pores and cleanses so well, it increases the absorption of products put onto the skin so they can work better.”

The Clarisonic Skin Care System is available to purchase initially at Space NK stores nationwide, and replacement brush heads will be sold separately.

More information about Clarisonic:

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