Staying fit – free guide


London: UK health experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise AT LEAST three times a week but research shows that more than one in five men and women do LESS than one 30 minute session of physical activity in a month! Staying active as you get older is the recipe for a healthy and fulfilled life – but it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. What exercise to do, where to do it and how to fit it within your busy lifestyle?

Written in association with Crampex, an over the counter cramp medicine, Getting fit, staying active – guide to a healthier lifestyle is a free leaflet that answers all of these questions. It gives tips and practical advice on how to build exercise into your life, on choosing the right activity for you, on how to avoid injury and ways to stay motivated. It also includes five top tips to become more active, including entering an event, discovering the delights of an exercise class and getting into gardening.

Personal trainer and fitness expert Kristoph Thompson says: “Studies show that exercise is one of the most effective methods of keeping the mind and the body young, as well as helping to prevent injuries and reducing the onset of illnesses. Yet many people become less active once they reach a certain age, sometimes without really realising. Even small periods of exercise can greatly improve your health and quality of life. This leaflet is an ideal reference point for people of all ages that want to start exercising again.”

The leaflet is available for free by calling Crampex on 01484 848264 or by e-mailing your name and postal address to

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