Get a sleek & slinky body with Tenpilates


Pilates has always been famous for its power to sculpt the body, create lean, toned muscles and boost core strength. Which is essential not just for a flat tummy but also to help prevent back and neck problems, by supporting the spine.

Now, TenPilates takes the original system of Pilates – which is almost 100 years old – to create a more dynamic style of workout, offering all of the celebrated benefits of Pilates but giving it a high-energy, cardiovascular dimension that catapults your endorphins to new love yourself levels. Traditional Pilates moves are combined with techniques from circuit and weight-training to isolate and work specific muscle groups with extra intensity. The result? An innovative, results-driven programme that burns fat, strengthens core muscle groups and slims the body faster than you ever thought possible, burning up to 650 calories per hour. You will leave class feeling taller, sexier and energised.

TenPilates students work on state-of-the-art Body Balance reformers, not on the mat – with the Reformer springs offering muscular resistance while helping to maintain stability.

TenPilates is suitable for ‘Pilates virginsÂ’ – with specific beginnersÂ’ classes each week. ItÂ’s great for men (who benefit hugely from improvements in their flexibility). And it maintains the Pilates tradition as the perfect exercise option for rehabilitation, after injury or illness. (Joseph Pilates originally developed the system of exercise while interned during World War I, later using it for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers.) Today, TenPilates instructors – with their in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology – can help tailor a regime specifically for a clientÂ’s rehabilitation, helping to engage, retrain and ‘re-programmeÂ’ muscles. Bad postural habits can be banished, in the same way. In fact, TenPilates can be utilised as a solution for everything from depression to chronic back pain to a post-pregnancy, less-than-pancake-flat tummy, (or to simply add variety to your training routine).

One of the great advantages of TenPilatesÂ’ approach is that it is constantly evolving much like the individual. No two classes are alike – unlike most reformer work, which can be highly repetitive. With so many forms of exercise, in fact, it can be hard to stay motivated. But as many of TenPilates devoted clients can attest, with this dynamic form of Pilates the opposite is true – with TenPilatesÂ’ instructors offering any help they need to stay focussed. (In fact, there are some TenPilates ‘addictsÂ’ who come to class every single day. And definitely have the bodies-to-die-for, to prove itÂ…)

Reformer Pilates has become extremely popular with professional footballers, cricketers and rugby players who are turning to this form of exercise to add flexibility and core strengthening to their existing fitness regimes. And it’s no surprise that ‘dynamic’ Pilates has become the workout of choice of many Hollywood A-listers, where your body – as well as your face – is your fortune.

So isnÂ’t it time you discovered the power of TenPilatesÂ…?