TV’s Anne Diamond launches obesity helpsite


Lonson: TV personality Anne Diamond today announced the launch of – a site for people who want to lose weight through mutual support and encouragement – believing that more will be achieved through BUDDYing not BULLYing.

Anne Diamond says: “Fat isn’t a sin – and it doesn’t deserve punishment. You know what they say when things go wrong? Don’t beat yourself up about it – “s### happens”! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it doesn’t mean you deserve it. s### happens – it’s part of life. So…fat happens. It just happens. Whose fault is it? Who cares? Beating yourself up won’t help, that’s for sure. Just find a way to deal with it.

That’s why I have set up a new website – called It’s for the millions of us to whom fat has happened – and who spend so much time trying to do something about it. It’s not for those who like being fat, or who reluctantly accept it. It is a site for men and women who are going to battle the bulge in their own way, in their own time – and not according to the fat fascist attitudes of the outside world.

I was moved to set up this forum by the thousands of viewers, listeners and readers who’ve been following my progress in the media over the past few years. Time and again I was struck by their own stories. And, like me, they’re furious that they become the focus of such prejudice, backstabbing and spite from the thin world. I wanted to provide a new environment, a meeting place and a living magazine for them all to contribute, share views, inspire and entertain with collected stories and experiences.

Once you’ve put it on, losing weight is a much, much bigger battle than thin people can even countenance. Sometimes you feel you’re climbing a sheer rockface whilst others are throwing stones at you. In that sort of environment, it’s little wonder so many fall. When fat happens to you, you need friends to give you the encouragement and support you deserve – on This entry was posted in Diet, News and tagged , , , by Editor. Bookmark the permalink.