Organic milk no better than cheaper type, says British food watchdog

London: Organic milk has no health advantage over conventional types, the UK’s food watchdog, the Foods Standards Agency(FSA) has found.

A recent three-year study conducted at the Universities of Glasgow and Liverpool found organic milk contained 68 per cent more omega 3 fatty acids on average than conventional milk. Omega 3s are thought to cut the risk of heart disease, and have been linked with better concentration in children.

As a result 14 scientists from around the world demanded that the FSA to recognise the nutritional advantages of organic milk. But the Food Standards Agency this week rejected claims of any health benefits.

It did say that organic milk ‘can contain higher levels of types of fats called short-chain omega 3 fatty acids than conventionally produced milk’.

But it said these are of ‘limited health benefit’ compared with the longer chain omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish.