Most men want Brad Pitt’s body


London: More than 90% of males aged 15-40 wish they had better, more muscular bodies, with the majority of men aiming for the physique of Brad Pitt, according to a survey of more than 2000 males.

According to research, more than 90% of males wish they had a better body, with nearly half of the 2027 men polled stating that Brad Pitt’s physique was their desired appearance.

In a study carried out by at understanding male perception and ideals, it emerged that only 8% of all males between the ages of 15-40 are content with their bodies, with 92% wishing they were more muscular, and 84% saying they would like to ‘trim body fat. Only 19% said that they were happy withtheir diet.

When asked which celebrity physique they most admire, 49% chose Brad Pitt. The other notables were Will Smith 17%, David Beckham with 12%, Daniel Craig with 7% and Vin Diesel with 5%.

Only 2% stated that they would like the super muscle bodybuilding physique Arnold
Schwarzenegger once had.

When asked which female celebrity body they most admire or find attractive, men were more undecided. Jessica Alba topped the polls with a 21% majority. Here is the top 5:

Jessica Alba 21%
Angelina Jolie 16%
Eva Longoria 11%
Jessica Biel 9%
Jennifer Lopez 8%

Myleene Klass was sixth, with 6% of the votes, thanks to her recent Marks & Spencer advertising campaign, followed by Victoria Beckham and Jordan, with 6% and 3% respectively.

At the bottom end of the scale was Madonna with 0.3% and Britney Spears with just 14 of the 2027 votes, due in likelihood to her constantly changing image.

Oliver Cookson, Managing Director of said:

“Given that body image is such a huge issue, we wanted to discover the true extent to which it affects men, whose opinion on body image is often in the shadow of that of the women.

“This research shows that men prefer a healthier, less extreme physique than many would have otherwise imagined. The fact that Brad Pitt and Jessica Alba topped the polls proves that celebrities do not have to be stick thin or hugely muscular to be admired. I think the results of this urvey promote a very healthy body image message.”