Loose more than 2 stone with The Body Rescue Plan

The Body Rescue Plan can help you to lose up to 2.5 stone in 12 weeks through mindset, detoxing and fitness, says celebrity trainer and author Christianne Wolff who gives us tips to keep on track.

The Body Rescue Plan

Celebrity personal trainer Christian Wolff

“I see endless exercise videos, fitness books, and nutritional plans all sold as ‘the only way to lose weight’”, says Christian.


• What happens when your enthusiasm dwindles?
• When you get stressed and there is no back-up plan?
• When you get tired and want to jack it in?
• Have you been there?

Chances are you did jack it in, you did get bored and stop exercising, and you did get stressed and reach for the chocolate or bottle!

Often we do not realise we are stressed, or eating out of boredom, or eating out of celebration.

We associate foods with so many different things. If you think about all the religious festivals, they involve food and alcohol, particularly sweet foods – chocolates. We eat and drink at parties and birthdays and we also are given chocolate foods as a prize when we are younger or as a bribe. We are used to using foods as comfort and celebration.

Did you know that using foods for comfort is our oldest primal instinct?

Have you ever noticed that when you write your list of things to do that day or that week, you avoid tackling the more difficult ones till last?

Or have you noticed that the all-important phone call you need to make goes on the back burner, because you do the’ nice’ things first?

We call this procrastination, but actually it’s one of our oldest survival instincts!

In order to survive, our bodies respond to avoid pain as a healing mechanism. As we feel hunger or thirst, our instinct is to obviously eat or drink – to avoid the pain our body will endure through starvation and thirst, and subsequently death!

In order to avoid breaking a limb, or killing ourselves, we know to avoid anything that may cause us bodily harm – or it will damn well hurt!

But did you know that mentally we do this also?

As part of the mindset programme in The Body Rescue plan, I have recorded 6 meditations on a CD as part of the book- but before you do the visualisations you should perform a task which highlights what your self-limiting beliefs are. These are what you believe you should do, or be, your expectations about yourself.

Do you have any beliefs that could act as self sabotage for new slim you?

Really think about this. Imagine yourself slim, and in every scenario – meeting people, seeing friends, family, at work – is there anything that does not feel right? If so, write it down and work with that.

What is the conflict that is holding you back? What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself that is tarnishing this? This is important to really grasp before anything else as if you do not confront your limiting beliefs now, they will come back in the future to sabotage your success.

There are six guided meditations that come with this book, each is to guide you through any issues and old habits you may have, and to reinforce you onto new healthy habits.
You can choose to do one meditation a day, which covers six days a week, and have one day off.

Or if there is one you particularly resonate with or feel is the burning issue to your weight loss problems, then stick with that one for a while.

Do try all of the meditations, though, as you may not realise how powerful they actually are.

For your convenience they are only ten minutes each; ideally it would be great for you to extend that to twenty minutes, so if you have time, just allow some silence at the end of the meditation.

Over the last seventeen years of teaching meditation to my clients I have found the six meditations below to be the main issues that are behind all my clients’ weight loss problems:

  • Goals, limiting beliefs and seeing yourself at the place you want to be
  • Working the faith muscle and ridding fear
  • Ridding guilt
  • Self-sabotage/devil in your head
  • Greed
  • Stress

It could be that you are riddled with guilt, and eat or don’t exercise or punish yourself in some unhealthy way?

It could be you have a lack of self-worth and self-sabotage?

It could be you have an overwhelming urge to eat/are addicted, which we call greed?

It may be that just simply de-stressing yourself is the simplest one to use for you as you always eat under stress?

It could be that you have a fear of letting go of something from the past that is linked with eating?

It could be that you do not trust yourself to sustain this?

The main one I want you to make sure you do every week is focus on your goals – this one really works its magic, without you even knowing it.

I often find my clients’ reactions interesting when confronted with visualisations and meditations. My clients may say:

“How can focussing on a goal or being positive about something possibly lead to weight loss or a fitter body, or attracting something good in your life?”

But then in the same breath they would say…

“I don’t want to focus on the weight loss goal because I might jinx it.”

So on the one hand they are saying that mindset and thought could not possibly react to create an outcome, and then on the other hand they are saying if they think positively about something it will have an outcome, but a negative one!

Everything is connected and the more you work with the mind, the more you realise that the tiniest of thoughts leads to a butterfly effect – which is the phenomenon whereby a minute localised change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, even a typhoon!

We can also often not realise what we are reacting to, or when we are stressed.

An example of this is when we drive on long journeys. I know that if I drive for more than an hour, I want to eat – which is ridiculous, as if I am just at home for an hour, or working for an hour, I do not have the desire to eat. But driving, there are a few things going on.

I think I am relaxed, but actually there are so many things going on that my brain has to focus on, I am actually stressed and therefore my old habits of wanting to eat when I am stressed are coming in to play

I am programmed from a young age that a long car journey leads to eating yummy sweets; when I was young we always had those boiled sweets in a beautiful tin for long car journeys.

I get bored, and again my old instilled habits of eating to ease the ‘pain of boredom’.

This is just one example where most people are totally un-mindful of what’s actually going on inside them. They probably do not realise they are stressed, bored and triggering childhood eating patterns, but this kind of subconscious thought pattern is triggered in us every day, particularly if we are very focussed on something else like driving.

The second part of my book is the detoxing programme:

Our bodies naturally go through a detox process every day, by eliminating and neutralising toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin.
In this day and age our bodies have a hard time keeping up with the polluted air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat. Our beautiful internal eco system has been radically changed through our chemicalised diet with, too much animal protein, too much saturated and trans fats, and too much caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

Our poor organs that were once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely over-loaded to the point where toxic material remains inside our tissues.

A special detoxing and cleansing diet is a good way to assist your body in its over-loaded state.

Even if your diet is normally good, an internal clean can revitalise your system and rid your body of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites.

If your body is sluggish and over-burdened with toxicity, not only your ability to be motivated to lose weight could be hampered, but also your body’s ability to shed the pounds could be seriously affected.

Stress can also impact your toxicity levels, which is why included in The Body Rescue plan is exercise, meditation and yoga; to help cleanse your internal organs and uplift your mood.

Pollution is also another factor increasing your chances of being more consumed with toxins, so regular skin brushing, hot baths, saunas, and sweating all help, as well as getting out in the country and breathing in fresh air regularly.

How to detox

I love a good detox and am in my second week of one now;

it makes you feel lighter, more energised, less addictive, and more in control of foods.

With my Body Rescue Detox System I advise my clients to cut out:

Wheat and gluten
Processed foods

The idea behind this is to remove all toxins that are stored within the adipose fat cells, once these toxins are removed it then becomes easier to shrink your fat.

To find out more with the complete plan of exercises, recipes and mindset programming go to www.bodyrescue.net
Celebrity trainer Christianne Wolff, author of ‘The Body Rescue Plan- the ultimate 12 week plan to lose 2.5 stone through detoxing, mindset and fitness.’