Fermented Papaya – a powerful new antioxidant from Japan


Tokyo: The Japanese have the longest average lifespan in the world. This longevity is thought to be associated with the Japanese diet which incorporates a large amount of food prepared by fruit and vegetable fermentation: the fermentation has positive effects on health and papaya has a long history in tropical countries for its health giving properties.

The Japanese eat a low fat diet with lots of fermented foods. The power of fermentation is now available in a new supplement containing 100% papaya, a fruit known for its potent combination of anti-oxidants.

Immun’Âge is made by naturally fermenting non-genetically papaya under international quality controls and is free of chemicals and preservatives. The fermentation process to make this health and vitality supplement takes 10 months to complete.

The success of Immun’Âge in supporting the body’s immune system has been published in 40 peer journals.

Its powder formulation is simply poured straight on to the tongue – so it works fast at a cellular level, restoring the body’s own physiological processes.

It is helpful is restoring the glow of a healthy complexion, protecting against wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, sun damage, reducing morning eye puffiness, and restoring energy levels.

As well as having anti-ageing properties it also supports the body during times of stress and is particularly helpful in exercise as it can decrease the physical symptoms of fatigue and stiffness. In boosting the immune system it a useful defence against colds and flue.Immun’Age contains no chemicals or preservatives.

French actress Claudia Cardinale calls it her “secret tonic” and British actress Sienna Guillory lists it as her latest beauty find and states quite simply “its amazing”.

While Immun’Âge is potent in performance, it is completely safe, stable, and will not interfere with any other medication. It is available in packets that you can tear, and pour it directly into the mouth making it easier and more convenient than taking yet another pill. It tastes naturally sweet, and it is preservative free. Just let it dissolve in your mouth and then swallow. The recommended amounts range from 1-3 packets a day between meals.

Price is £39.95 for 30 sachets (one months supply) from Revital Stores – enquiries at 0800 252875 (in UK) or on line at www.revital.co.uk at the The Nutri Centre Mail Order 0800 5872290 (in UK) and on line www.nutricentre.com and at Natural way Health Mail order 0800 695 5295(UK) www.naturalwayhealth.co.uk