Diet doctors call for a ban on super-skinny models

London: A leading group of doctors has called for a ban on super-skinny models after an upsurge in eating disorders.

In a letter to the British Fashion Council doctors and specialists from the Eating Disorders Service and Research Unit at King’s College London said that the models were ‘clearly anorexic’.

A Member of Parliament has also tabled a Commons motion asking the British Fashion Council to ban ultra-thin models.

The outcry against skinny models comes in the wake of the increasing popularity of dieting to fit into the latest size 0 and even 00 clothes, worn by celebrities such as actress Nicole Richie.

The letter said: ‘The fashion industry, from designers to magazine editors, should not be making icons out of anorexically thin girls. Magazines should stop printing these pictures and designers should stop designing for these models.

‘People may say that clothes look better on skinny models but don’t forget there was a time when we thought smoking looked good too.’

Janet Treasure, who wrote the letter and is head of the Eating Disorders Service and Research Unit at King’s College said that ‘thinspiration’ has led to an increase in bulimia and anorexia sufferers.

Professor Treasure said: ‘We know that this fashion for thin models prompts concern about weight and concern about shape in young women.

This year, models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18 – classified as underweight by the World Health Organisation – were banned from the Madrid fashion week by local government officials following the death of a model in South America.