Oral hygiene goes organic, according to OralClens


Last year alone saw nearly over a third of consumers buying naturally based cosmetic and toiletry products on a regular basis. With this in mind, Oraldent, the oral care specialists, have teamed up natural health expert, Sarah Wilson and has today revealed the nation’s favourite natural ingredients.

Sales of natural cosmetic ranges and other similar products have helped the organics personal care market grow, and it is expected to reach £12 million by 2011. A Datamonitor analyst says “organics lie at the intersection of the health and ethical trends and have therefore benefited hugely from changes in consumer lifestyles in both of these areas.”

With the increase in information available to the public about chemicals and the benefits of all natural products, it is unsurprising that people are looking for healthy alternatives that will be kinder to their bodies.

Some of the leading top ten natural ingredients, noted through repeated use and occurrence in the media were revealed as:

– Coco beans for protecting, moisturising and rejuvenating

– Sesame oil for protection from bright sunlight

– Virgin olive oil for anti-ageing

– Lavender for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory purposes

One leading ingredient found within the top ten, was oranges. Citroxx, is an anti-microbial agent extracted from the pith of oranges and has been proven to be 99.998% effective in eradicating the micro-organisms that cause plaque, known to be associated with gum disease and bad breath.

OralClens Natural, the first ever range of mouthwash and toothpaste completely free from harsh, unnecessary chemicals, is based on Citroxx and does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium benzoate, which makes it attractive to consumers who wish to purchase natural products. It is widely accepted that inadequate oral hygiene leads to the build up of plaque, which unless removed, can destroy gum tissue and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Richard Thomas, Managing Director of Oraldent, says, “As seen by consumers’ recent spending patterns, there is a very real demand for ethically conscious products. Choosing products which omit harmful chemicals such as sodium benzoate and sodium lauryl sulphate and are linked with natural ingredients with proven efficacy, allows the consumer to purchase natural healthy products. Citroxx, the unique ingredient in our range has also been found in several studies to be effective for tackling well known hospital superbugs MRSA and C-difficile. OralClens Natural provides the consumer with a healthy, natural alternative”.

Says Sarah Wilson, Natural Health Expert, “With the booming interest in natural products, it’s no surprise that consumers are also starting to question what goes into their toothpaste. The supermarket shelves are lined with brands containing abrasives, sweeteners, dyes, preservatives and the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulphate, which has recently been linked with health scares. Whitening toothpastes contain peroxide, which can increase tooth sensitivity and irritate gums, and mouthwashes have harsh chemicals that can throw out the balance of the soft tissue in the mouth. So it makes sense to swap to a ‘green’ product when it comes to dental hygiene. OralClens Natural is a pleasant tasting, safe chemical-free alternative. It has been clinically proven to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, and contains plaque-zapping citroxx, one of nature’s wonder ingredients.”

For more information please call 01480 862080 or visit www.oraldent.co.uk

The OralClens Natural range is now available nationwide

o OralClens Natural Mouthwash, Mint – Size: 500ml; RSP: £3.99

o OralClens Natural Mouthwash, Citrus – Size: 500ml; RSP: £3.99

o OralClens Natural Toothpaste – Size: 100ml; RSP: £2.49

· Oralclens is available from Waitrose and Tesco

· Oralclens Natural Mouthwash comes in two flavours, Citrus and Mint.

· Sarah Wilson – Former Editor of Here’s Health Magazine and The Author of “Natural Health for Children”.