Fear of false teeth is Britons’ No 1 ageing horror


London: Britons’ No 1 ageing fear is have to wear false teeth, according to a new survey.

Nearly half of Brits are in grave danger of having teeth that are ‘older’ than they are, due to poor diets and shameful dental habits according to new research* from Orbit CompleteTM. And yet, the nation’s biggest ageing fear is the prospect of having to wear dentures – proving that Brits really need to brush up on their ‘dental know how’ if they want to avoid their worst nightmare coming true!

Top Ageing Anxieties

Wearing dentures

Dying grey hair

Trimming excessive facial hair

Taking supplements

Using anti-wrinkle cream

Wearing glasses

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Dent┬ĺ You Believe It

When we think of someone looking ‘old’, one of the first things we think of is stained, crooked and rotting teeth. As a nation, despite being scared of ending up having to ‘glue’ our teeth in each day, we’re not helping ourselves with over half of us confessing to not knowing how to clean our teeth correctly and a third never bothering to floss.

Drink your way to dental decay

Orbit Complete worked with the British Dental Health Foundation to discover other dental villains harming our teeth. Fruit smoothies and juices might be a great way to help you get your 5-a-day, but whether the 61% of Brits that drink them regularly are aware that they have a high acid content that is harmful to their teeth, is doubtful. Coffee, white wine and red wine, also guzzled by Brits on a regular basis, are also adding on the years by eroding and discolouring their teeth.

Welsh Have Oldest Teeth in U

It’s the Welsh who are in danger of being ‘long in the tooth’ before their time, with one in five coming out worst in the dental test due to lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking fizzy drinks, but it’s the Scots who seem to be the least bothered about their dental health routine. The Southerners are ‘young gums’ with the most youthful teeth. The Northern Irish spend the most time preening their pearly whites – almost one in ten have bleached their own teeth at home with over-the-counter whitening kits.

*Study of 1100 adults aged 18+ conducted by ICM Research between 7-9th July 2008

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