UK patients get into debt to fund cosmetic surgery ops

London: MORE than £5 million will be taken out in personal loans this year to fund cosmetic surgery, with men accounting for a fifth of all ops, according to a report by Sainsbury’s Bank.

People wanting operations are so desperate they take on an average £6,500 of debt topay for survery.

Loans manager Steven Bailie said: “As cosmetic surgery becomes less of a taboo, a growing number of men and women may be looking to improve their looks with loans.”

Analysts Mintel estimate a 240 per cent growth in cosmetic surgery over the past five years.

And they predict that by 2010 we will be making at least a million trips a year to cosmetic surgeons.

Costs start from £250 for treatments such as collagen lip enhancements to over £5,000 for more radical surgery such as facelifts or tummy tucks.