Exclusive – the rich get richer and now they get younger too – the world’s first anti-ageing island


Singapore: We all dream about the perfect island idyll – white sand beaches, tropical vegetation, palm trees, pristine blue sea and uninhabited. A place where time stands still and where the stresses and strains of modern life are forgotten.

Now one property developer is capitalising on our obsession for perfect tropical islands by creating the ultimate “fantasy” island for the mega rich. It is not simply an island where time stands still but where you will physically be transported back in time – an anti-ageing island where your body is restored to an earlier time with the latest science, medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Even though the cost of being rejuvenated is many thousands of dollars, the developers say there is already a waiting list with the names of well-known celebrities and politicians on it.

In Indonesian waters, the island is part of the Bintans, a tranquil paradise less than 30 minutes from bustling Singapore, which can only be reached by helicopter or private yacht, securing the privacy that the mega rich and celebrities demand.

There is also a two-mile security radius surrounding “Anti-Ageing Island in the Sun,” so patients can rejuvenate and recover from radical facial surgery or stem cell treatments without the prying eyes of the paparazzi who stalk the surgeries of the high-profile cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills, New York and London.

Reminiscent of the James Bond films guests will be able to while away the hours recovering by playing with the latest gadgetry including one-man helicopters, two-man submarines, underwater jet bikes and luxury yachts. The nearby coral reefs provide some of the world’s best fishing and diving. They will also have touch of the button access to high speed internet, satellite TV and cellular phones, doctors and staff.

And if boredom sets in there is always island hopping and even shopping – the mega luxury brands will have boutiques on the island including Armani, Versace, Ferragamo and the extravagant creations of Italian society jeweller Bulgari. Staff will be on hand to cater for almost every whim.

The largest collection of state of the art diagnostic equipment anywhere in the world will be utilised in the bespoke anti-ageing programmes to detect the diseases of ageing such as cancer and heart disease. And patients will be treated with the latest discoveries of medical sciences including live tissue and organ transplantation and stem cell therapies.

Youth hormones such as testosterone, DHEA (deyhdroepiandrosterone), pregnenolone, melatonin and human growth hormone- all of which decline with age will be used to invigorate 60, 70 and 80 year olds back to the levels they had at the age of 27. Not only will the rich look younger and act younger but their sex drives will also be restored on “anti-ageing island.”

Patients can relax on the beach but may prefer being rejuvenated by deep cell oxygen bathing in “suspended animation” in hyperbaric chambers where their bodies are fed at the deepest cellular level. Also on demand will be the all the cosmetic surgery treatments and non-surgical treatments such as Botox, laser, dermal fillers and Isolagen, where a person’s cells are extracted, cultured and then reinjected into wrinkles.

Just like the film, The Island, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johannesen, in which the biotech companies clone people for spare parts, the developers plan to make “bionic replacement” parts available in the future when they become available.

As well as the “anti-ageing island” club resort, the developer PT Hanno Bali is also building luxury homes nearby in the Maldive-style surrounded by sea water.

Hanno Soth, the Chairman of PT. Hanno Bali, a specialist in luxury development, says: “The company started looking at private islands as the ultimate vacation concept. We concluded that not only were private tropical islands everyone’s fantasy vacation, but the only way to really get away from it all. We looked everywhere for the perfect islands. Our criteria was to find uninhabited, naturally beautiful islands, that were easy to get to. We heard about the Bintan International resort area, which has long been a favorite play ground for Singaporeans situated 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore.

“Our company chartered a helicopter to survey the area and found paradise beyond the Bintan resort area. The most perfect tropical islands. We were surprised, but elated to find them uninhabited. The coral reef is a natural barrier that has kept these islands pristine and untouched.

“We know our company is on the right track investing in private island developments. People are looking for the ultimate escape to find sanctuary and to recharge, no matter the price. If I think of my childhood, the things that I remember with great fondness are books like Treasure Island, television shows like “Gilligan’s Island” and “Fantasy Island”. Walk into any computer store or office, and the screen saver of choice these days seems to be tropical islands. Look at any travel magazine and it’s the island escape that sells. The rich and famous have been buying private islands and renting them out, as in the case of Richard Branson’s Necker island, for a cool $151,000/week. Islands are not just a fantasy, they are big business”.

Anti-Ageing Island is a collaboration between medical specialists from the world’s largest anti-ageing movement, the Chicago-based American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and Pt Hanno Bali.

The chairman of A4M is Dr Robert Goldman who is a former world champion strength athlete, listed in the Guinness Book of Records and who oversees sports medicine committees in over 170 countries.

He says: “We are already living longer. Two hundred years ago the average life expectancy was below 25 years. One hundred years ago it was 48. Today it is 74-80 depending on where you live. As technology advances our generation is expected to live to 100-150 and some scientists and futurists suggest that we may be the last generation to die.

“Here is what we can do today. Blood, urine and saliva collection allows us to take your fluid samples in a simple transportable fashion, send it to our laboratory and the results are emailed back to the clinic where doctors can optimise your hormone levels and physiologic parameters.

“The evaluation, analysis and compilation of all this data allows our team to develop optimal protocols for advanced individualized treatment and use the collective data to develop future interventions.

“This is what we can do tomorrow – nanotechnology – the miniaturization of molecules, machines and pharmaceuticals, gene therapy, stem cell implantations, bionic replacement parts, human genome reprogramming, topical trans-dermal pads or miniature computerized disks placed on the surface of the skin that would deliver nano pharmaceutical agents by micro needles controlled by miniaturized computer chips to deliver hormones and other drugs, re-grow skin and collagen etc. In the future abnormal cells will simply be zapped by a laser, nanotech molecule or tracking device.

According to Dr. Goldman, there are some very expensive break-through technologies out there that are having a profound effect on the way we look, feel and age. The reality is that those people who can afford it will be the ones that will benefit from the technologies, until they become mainstream. “

“However as unfair as this appears, the research benefits everyone in the long term because as the Anti-Aging industry grows into this multi-billion dollar colossus (presently estimated at over USD $50 Billion/year worldwide), funding for research also starts to grow. So yes, the rich will look and feel better then everyone else initially, but it is their consumption that drives the research and advances for the rest of us.

“We chose to work with Pt. Hanno Bali after having read an article about their plans for exclusive resorts and private Islands developments expressly for the Rich, Famous and Powerful. We can only provide our advanced treatments to a small group of people and a private Island would be a fantastic environment to implement our rejuvenation protocols.”

Dr Goldman says that members of the island’s Anti-Ageing Club will schedule certain times a year for their treatments depending on their specific needs, health status and availability of facilities

Dr Goldman said he was unable to identify any of the club’s members: “This is completely confidential and restricted information but they of international calibre and status, of all ages. Anti-Ageing Island is a state of the art high tech luxury mixed with tropical charm without peer. It is far too expensive for the ordinary.”

He said plans were also underway to market a series of franchised luxury resorts and anti-ageing clubs worldwide.

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