Fight ageing with FREE new power antioxidant for ELIXIR readers


Fight ageing naturally with PURE-XPÂ’s groundbreaking product – GliSODin – a free one month’s supply, worth ÂŁ34.99 for 20 Elixir readers.

Stop the clock with PURE-XP GliSODin®, the first all natural, daily supplement proven to fight the signs of ageing, support the immune system and boost energy levels – launched this month by health and wellbeing experts, PURE-XP.

Recently launched in the UK, PURE-XP GliSODin® is already making a name for itself as the best anti-ageing product on the market. This January the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) announced that PURE-XP has scooped the award for ‘The Best Anti-Ageing Supplement’ from one of the UK’s premier health stores, Victoria Health.

Fighting off fierce competition, newcomer PURE-XP GliSODin® was crowned winner due to its strength of performance compared to other anti-ageing supplements. PURE-XP GliSODin® is currently the only product in the world be recommended by the CMA and works by stimulating the body’s own production of antioxidants to protect cells against the ageing process. Combining the benefits of a natural, vegetarian oral supplement, the TrufilTM vegetarian capsules are not only proven to help combat the signs of ageing but also boost energy levels and support the immune system, whilst aiding the bodies own cell renewal process.

Research shows that PURE-XP GliSODin® ‘s active ingredient, superoxide dismutase, protects against oxidative stress as well as protecting the skin from UV stress [Free Radical Research]. Whereas other, weaker dietary antioxidants only attempt to compensate for any lack thereof, PURE-XP GliSODin® enables the consumer to make use of the unparalleled strength of their own antioxidants by helping maintain this internal defence system. Furthermore PURE-XP GliSODin® has an anti-inflammatory affect as well as neutralising the free radicals that lead to the signs of premature ageing and cell breakdown.

If you would like to receive one of the free samples please email us at with your name and address, please put GliSODin in the email header. Your name will be put into a draw. This offer closes on 30 April 2008. No cash equivalent is being offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

Amar Malik, founder and CEO of PURE-XP, says, “We are delighted to win this award so soon after launching PURE-XP GliSODin® in the UK. Winning the award has already had an impact upon sales, meaning we’ve witnessed a sharp increase in the number of units sold, and we anticipate that this success is set to continue. It’s fantastic that the brand is being championed in such a way and getting such positive recognition.”

GliSODin® by PURE-XP is available via and in noted health stores nationwide. Available in 30 Trufil vegetarian capsules for £24.99 and 60 Trufil vegetarian capsules formats for £34.99, PURE-XP GliSODin® is taken daily.

PURE-XP GliSODin® the daily defence to ageing