Is 50 the new 25 – new UK report?

London: The over 50s are living the lives of 25 year olds, according to a new report from the UK’s Future Foundation.

The second flush of youth is the result of improved health and longer life expectancy with men expecting to live 15 years after retirement and women 22.

Martin Lloyd-Elliott, a psychologist, who contributed to the report said that there had been a shift in expectations with over 50s expecting doors to open rather than close in the second phase of life. With more wealth and more free time older people are taking the time to do more with their leisure such as travel.

Unlike their predessesors who spent their time doing domestic chores over 50s now spend their time socialising and shopping. In fact over 50s spend twice as much time shopping as their counterparts did 50 years ago. They also go to the shops for longer than today’s twentysomethings.

They are also keen on keeping fit, spending the same amount of time as on sport and exercise as 25-year-olds did in 1957.