DNA clue to disease

Houston: Scientists have discovered that there may be mutations of DNA in the human populations which make some individuals more like to suffer from disease.

This is because around 10 per cent of our genes vary. This discovery means that in future it will be be easier to control common conditions.

The discovery follows on from the Human Genome project, which mapped the entire blueprint for mankind in 2003.

The new discovery by an international team of scientists has revealed that there are variations in up to 10 per cent of our genes. Previously, it was assumed that the DNA of any two humans was 99.9 per cent the same in content and identity.

The study reported in the journal Nature examined 270 people and found that for 10 per cent of our genes, many of us have more than two copies, or even some missing.

The number of genes effects potency and therefore impact on disease. So a person with extra or missing copies may not be obviously ill yet there may be an adverse affect on health.