Asthma – discuss your concerns with leading expert

London: Do you or does someone you love suffer from asthma? Can stress or even a fit of laughter send you desperately hunting for your inhaler? Do you have to stop your child from even entering a house where there is a dog or a cat because just breathing in the animal hairs can trigger an attack? You are not alone. Nearly a quarter of children and a significant 6% of adults are affected by asthma.

Join Dr Martin Bell in an online web chat on Wednesday 11th July Chat time: GMT 12:30pm to 13:30pm

Suffers symptoms can vary from being very severe to fairly mild. Asthma can range from being life threatening or limiting a sufferer’ s ability to lead a normal life to just being a nuisance. Some victims cannot go outside if there is a high pollen count and others cannot do strenuous sports. But how do doctors diagnose asthma and what can sufferer do cut down its effect on their lives?

Treatment has improved dramatically in the last few years but the range of different medicines available can be bewildering. Each sufferer’s asthma is different and how can victims or the parents of children with asthma know which treatment is best for them or their little ones?

Dr Martin Bell will be clearing up the confusion surrounding this very common condition and giving advice on how sufferers can lead a completely normal life. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have about asthma and its treatment.

Dr Martin Bell joins us live online″ on Wednesday 11th July at 12:30pm GMT to answer all your asthma questions.

Martin Bell qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1982 and has been in General Practice in North Essex for 18 years, after doing a number of hospital-based jobs including gaining extra qualifications in obstetrics, gynaecology and anaesthetics. He is a full time partner in a busy practice which has about 12,000 patients and has an interest in communicating medicine in an understandable, but hopefully not patronising, way to non medical people; be they patients or a wider public.

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