Fitness watch – the perfect present for a fat friend!


London:It’s time to burn off all those festive calories, and what better way to do it than with the new JML Fitness Watch!

It has all the fancy stuff that you expect from heart rate monitors and all that other nerdy exercise stuff and whittled it down into a very accessible timepiece. The Fitness Watch works in two ways: it takes accurate readings of your heart (by touching a sensor on the watch); it also has an Exercise Mode that can measure the amount of calories you burn.

The Fitness Watch closely monitors your heart to identify how to get the most from your exercise. Work too hard or below your target, and the alarm sounds. The LCD display will indicate if you are below or above your target. It also comes with a sturdy bar grip enabling you to attach it to your bike. It’s an excellent choice for a tubby friend, exercise fiends and those of you looking to stick to New Year’s resolutions. What time is it? Time to buy the JML Fitness Watch. Available at $40(£19.99 €30) from the UK stores Boots and Robert Dyas and online at