Make a splash in your swimsuit – style guru reveals all


London: Top TV stylist Mark Heyes helps you to find the swimwear that’s right for you.

Is looking for that swimsuit a tortuous experience? Do you find the colour and style you like and then find it doesn’t quite fit your body contours? You’re not alone. Three-quarters of women find it difficult to find swimwear that fits properly, according to new research from INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® fibre brand. The survey also revealed that a staggering 89% of women don’t feel comfortable when they are wearing their swimwear.

Flattering swimwear is the key to any summer wardrobe – the alternative being a selection of sarongs to cover yourself up with if you’re not quite comfortable with your final choice. The survey indicated that if given the option, one third of women would wave a magic wand and conjure up flattering swimwear for their summer wardrobe must have.

In this video feature, stylist Mark Heyes gets in the swimsuit fast lane, helping you find comfortable and stylish swimsuits that adapt to women’s particular body shapes.

So if it’s something to flatter your chest, make the most of your long legs or give your stomach some tone, look no further. In his ‘Costume Clinic’ Mark is on hand to offer his expert advice, including how to address the trouble zones such as tummy control, with different cuts and colours which play to your complexion and body size.

CLICK HERE to watch Mark’s video and you will step out on the beach feeling confident in your costume!

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