Wrinkle relaxer that activates a fresh look in just seven days


A skincare breakthrough is set to challenge Botox® and there’s not a needle, frozen look or health risk in sight. In a discovery that has challenged conventional thought on the wrinkling process, a cream containing a harmless mirror ingredient to snake venom, is being applied by women to penetrate the skin, change its wrinkle memory and rewrite their facial history in as little as seven days.

In a skincare first, SkinVenom™ combines four of today’s most powerful and technologically advanced anti-ageing ingredients to minimize muscle movement and contractions – the latest beauty-buzz, Synake1, based on a snake venom peptide, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), Thalassine and Calmosensine™ which triggers feelings of well-being to relax skin tension.

Heralded as the hottest and most revolutionary anti-wrinkle cream of the decade, SkinVenom™ sold out in seconds when it went on sale in US department stores last year and will be available in the UK from the end of February.

Crucially, backed by scientific analysis, the unique complex has been proven to break the skinÂ’s ‘memoryÂ’ – its inclination to wrinkle in the same places with each frown, smile or facial contraction. It works by controlling the nerve endings in the skin and slowing reflexive facial muscle movement to stop the skin contracting where wrinkles most commonly form – around the eyes, forehead and mouth. This process delays and reduces the onset of wrinkles as the skin is forced to use different muscles and effectively start the wrinkling process all over again. At the same time the cream instantly brightens skin, while improving the appearance and preventing further deepening of existing wrinkles.

The breakthrough SkinVenom™ compound penetrates the skin epidermis, dermis and hypodermis to reach muscle layer, delivering a reliable, no-needle alternative to Botox® injections. Unlike Botox® and facial peels whose effects can begin to wear off almost immediately, the cumulative effects of using SkinVenom™ are gradual and continual results that become more noticeable every day. The overall effect is calmer, smoother, tension-free skin.

Though it treats the face as a whole, SkinVenom™ is best applied to four particular areas – forehead, crowÂ’s feet, smile lines and nasal folds. In clinical trials, the formula was documented to unlock skin tension and visibly reduce the depth, length, discoloration and roughness of existing lines. In user trials, areas where the product was applied showed a reduced tendency to wrinkle and fold in response to muscle movement in just seven days. Lines on the forehead, around the eyes and around the nasal folds were reduced and generally skin was visibly smoothed.

SkinVenom™ active ingredients are:

• Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) which encourages nerve relaxation
• Thalassine which inhibits muscle contraction
• The award-winning Syn®-ake1 compound – a harmless botanical skin relaxant derived from yeast which mimics the effect of a peptide found in snake venom to minimize muscle movement.

Working in a similar way to Botox®, it blocks neuromuscular contractions which cause facial tension and lead to wrinkles
• Calmosensine™ based on a peptide in the body which promotes the natural release of messengers that trigger happiness and feelings of well being to relax skin tension
• Natural actives to help stimulate dermal matrix production and restore collagen, resulting in firmer, plumper looking skin
• Bio-moisturisers and skin brighteners to provide a near immediate smoothing effect with more long-term, noticeable wrinkle relief

Dr Roman Campbell, PhD MD says: “Your skin has memory. The face holds a lot of tension in the forehead and temples, even your smile and, over time, the features of the face can set in a certain way. Your face makes a particular response to something, for example where you crease your brow when you are worried. It then remembers this response and repeats it whenever you experience that emotion. Gradually your features begin to fix themselves permanently and that’s when wrinkles form and deepen. It makes sense that if you can stop the skin contracting in the normal places and force it to use new muscles, the facial pattern can be broken.”

With celebrity fans said to include Jo Lo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley and Jade Pinkett Smith, SkinVenom™ caused queues at US beauty counters when it launched. With a growing waiting list here, the £180 50ml SkinVenom™ pump will be available in selected department stores and salons nationwide.

1 The ingredient won the 2006 Swiss Technology Awards for its innovation and technical capabilities

Skin Venom™ is part of the Syence skincare range, developed by Syence Skincare Limited and formulated to combat the skin’s natural degenerative processes with the most technologically advanced anti-ageing ingredients available. Each product is independently tested and clinically proven to target and minimize signs of ageing.

Snake venom may help resist heart failure

Sydney: Venom from one of the world’s deadliest snakes, the Australian common taipan, is being turned into a drug for heart failure.

Susbtances in the snake’s venom, have been shown to halt the progression of heart failure. These are a unique set of active molecules which could be used in a new drug following successful trials.

In the wild the taipan can inject 60mg of venom which is enough to paralyse and kill a small marsupial or even a human adult.

Heart failure — which can often be fatal — occurs when the heart becomes too weak to pump blood round the body.

Professor Paul Alewood, of Queensland University said that early tests indicated these molecules are extremely effective at easing the heart’s workload,’ he says.