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London: Leading TV nutritionist Nigel Denby shows you how you CAN have a nibble and manage your body shape.

Women are always being told that the key to staying trim is to avoid the snack trap. However, evidence supports the fact that snacking isn’t inherently bad for you – the issue is in fact choosing the right snacks that can become part of a balanced diet and help you on your way to longer term weight management.

Shocking as it sounds to many dedicated dieters, well timed and planned out nibbling can actually be good for you because it can help keep your metabolism working at a consistent rate throughout the day and help fill the hunger gap so you don’t over-indulge at meal times.

One of the first and most important things to identify is what type of a snacking personality type you are; when you find yourself snacking and the reasons why you snack. Once you’ve identified this, it’s easy to plan out your steps to avoid any ‘bad’ snack pitfalls. It could be that you’re a mum, who can’t help picking at food whilst making your kids’ tea or perhaps you get home from work exhausted, and slump in front of the TV with anything you can find to pick at from the fridge.

The truth is that it can be very hard not to have a little nibble as most women crave snacks throughout the day and the denial of these cravings can often lead to us reaching for the biscuit tin. A massive 97% of women said they felt guilty after snacking alone, with 43% concerned about the weight gain potential of snacking.

Lucky for us though we have expert advice on hand from leading TV nutritionist Nigel Denby who talks us through the best route to successful
nibbling, so that the sweet doughnuts and cakes stay in the box. Click on the link below to find out what type you are and get some nibbling know how:
Nibble Know How from Nigel Denby
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