Grape anti-ageing in Bordeaux – comic Dom Jolly reveals all

Famous for its fine red wine, packed with anti-ageing resveratrol, Bordeaux is one of the world’s best known wine travel destinations. But you may surprised to learn that the region has more than just wine tours on offer for the huge number of tourists it attracts annually.

While it’s true that Bordeaux is blessed with perfect grape growing conditions resulting in vineyards overflowing with not just red, but white and rose wines; this coastal city has become more than just a hub for wine connoisseurs and wine lovers alike. The miles of incredible coastline on the west coast provide plenty of opportunities for long strolls along sandy beaches, while the oldest streets of Bordeaux are rich in architecture and have excellent shopping for market lovers.

After experiencing this beautiful city first hand, comedian Dom Jolly for one would agree that Bordeaux has plenty to offer travellerslooking for a wonderful French experience with a difference.

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Log onto our l WebTV show, where Dom will reveal manyof the hidden gems he uncovered while discovering the French wine capital and you will be able to see for the first time footage from his trip.

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Resveratrol can protect against diseases of ageing


The plant-derived polyphenol resveratrol probably accounts for many of the beneficial effects of the “French Paradox”, in which high-fat diets fail to product devasting effects when red wine is consumed.

Most of resveratrol’s benefits have traditionally been ascribed to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Emerging research now shows that resveratrol also stimulates cells to behave as if they had been exposed to calorie restriction, the most powerful life-extending approach shown.

Through its action on potent cellular-regulating proteins called sirtuins, resveratrol mimics calorie restriction, stimulating healthy cells to survive and diseased cells to die in an organised fashion.

Resveratrol-mediated sirtuin activation is now understood to be responsible for many of the health benefits associaited with resveratrol supplementation, including protection from age-associated disorders like cardio-vascular disease, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative disorders and cancer.

Drug companies are rushing to exploit the new findings about resveratrol by turning it into a drug – but highly active supplements are already available, and the existing findings on the anti-ageing properties of this substance are all based on the use of this natural product.

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Red wine pill may be cure for diabetes


San Francisco: Resveratrol, a substance found in red wine, may cure the symptoms of adult onset diabetes, according to the results of a new trial of a drug based on this ingredient.

The American company, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, says the trial demonstrates the drug is safe and cuts blood glucose levels, which are not controlled in diabetics, in results presented today at the 26th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. The findings could lead to a new drug to control Type 2 Diabetes which now affects millions and the number continues to grow.

The 28-day study of pills to deliver a control, 2.5 gram or five grams of what it called SRT501 each to roughly 30 patients with Type 2 Diabetes in India.

The drug is also being tested on 130 patients in a Phase 2 study in combination with metformin, a drug therapy for Type 2 Diabetes, and results are expected later this year. Any anti-ageing effects have yet to be established.

The drug targets an enzyme called SIRT1, from the sirtuin family of enzymes which control the ageing process. The new drug, SRT501 acts by increasing the activity of the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of our cells, and lowering levels of glucose in the blood and improving insulin sensitivity.