Schweppes – the latest cocktails with anti-ageing ingredients


Treat yourself to a cocktail – try the latest from Schweppes which are packed full of anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidants.

Schweppes Cocktails with Russhian and Schweppes Tonic water with a hint of Pomegranate

Fruity Fun

5ml Milk Thistle tincture, 15ml elderflower cordial, 50ml fresh (white) grapefruit juice, 75ml pomegranate tonic, Vanilla sugared rim

Edge a rocks glass with Vanilla sugar, add the milk thistle and the elderflower cordial and stir with a couple of ice cubes. Add the remaining ingredients. Garnish with a thin grapefruit zest.

The active ingredient in Milk Thistle, silymarin, protects the liver from toxin or disease-related damage by stimulating the regenerative ability of the liver to replenish and strengthen liver cells. It can even improve digestion by stimulating the gall bladder. As a powerful antioxidant, silymarin may also prevent highly reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals from damaging cells throughout the body, especially in the liver where it may reduce damage to liver cells caused by overuse of certain prescription drugs.


50ml Vodka, 20ml limejuice, 10ml sugar syrup, 5ml ginseng tincture, thumbnail of ginger, dash of crme de casis, 150ml Russchian

Shake all but the Russchian in a shaker filled with ice, strain into a highball glass and top with Russchian. Garnish with a slice of ginger.

Sweet as Honey

50ml Myer’s Rum, 20ml honey, 20ml limejuice,1 00ml Schweppes Pomegranate Tonic, 4 cloves, Pinch of cinnamon,Grapefruit zest

Muddle the rum, lime and honey together until the honey has dissolved into the rum. Add the spices and the grapefruit zest, shake over ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a zest of orange speared with cloves.

Fruit Flower

50ml Bombay Sapphire gin, 20ml fresh grapefruit juice, 15ml elderflower cordial, 6 mint leaves, pomegranate tonic

Muddle the mint with the elderflower cordial in a highball glass, fill with crushed ice and add remaining ingredients. Garnish with a mint sprig and serve with two straws. Long refreshing, elegant and very British cooler.

Sophisticated Cocktail
20ml parfait amour, 20ml Zubrowka vodka, 1 sugar cube doused in Angostura bitters, top with chilled Russchian

Build all ingredients into a frosted champagne flute. Garnish with a thin grapefruit zest. Beautiful, violet-coloured drink presented in a sophisticated tall champagne flute.

Digestif Cocktail

45ml Monkey shoulder, 30ml Butterscotch schnapps,2 dashes orange bitters, 15ml lemon juice,5 ml sugar syrup, 5ml egg white, Top with Russchian

Shake all ingredients over ice a shaker and strain into a highball glass with ice. Top with Russchian.

Pomegranates are good for the heart, says new study

Los Angeles: Pomegranate juice is bursting with antioxidants which are good for the heart, scientists at the University of California have found.

The juice contains as many antioxidants as two glasses of red wine or ten glasses of green tea. It also contains vitamins A, C and E, and folic acid.

In the study doctors gave volunteers with heart disease, caused by fat, a 240ml glass of pomegranate juice a day. A second group was given a similarly coloured and flavoured placebo drink.

After three months, the pomegranate drinkers experienced a 17 per cent increase in blood flow to the heart. In the placebo group blood flow had worsened by around 18 per cent.

As a result those who drank the pomegranate juice were 35 per cent better off overall, according to a report about the study in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Dr Dean Ornish, of the University of California, who led the study, said: ‘The significant improvements in blood flow to the heart observed after only three months suggest that pomegranate juice may have important clinical benefits in those with coronary heart disease. Also, it may help to prevent it.’

The pomegranate originated in the region from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India. It has been cultivated across the entire Mediterranean since ancient times.

Today it is widely grown throughout India and the drier parts of southeast Asia, Malaysia and tropical-Africa. One of the world’s oldest fruits, the pomegranate has been a symbol of fertility, death and eternity.