Scientists replicate human tears in new eye formula

Dry or gritty-feeling eyes blight the lives of millions of people.  There are many causes including age, drugs, medical conditions, pollution and the environment. And as actressccc explains it can be down to bad habits such as leaving our makeup on when we go to bed.

However, a ground-breaking eye drop formula has now been scientifically proven to help tackle the problem. The secret of the new formula from Japan’s Rohto is a combination of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the human body which is responsible for keeping skin young and plump and lubricating joints, and polysaccharides in the tamarind plant.

Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief is described as a natural bi-polymer which is trademarked as HydraMed and which has been shown in clinical trials to  rapidly relieve dry, gritty eye sensations. In addition it has been proven to improve the condition of the tear film and ocular surface, so that eyes feel far more comfortable within just a month of regular use.

Dry and gritty-feeling eyes are a major and growing healthcare problem and the condition is thought to affect up to 30% of the population  at some time.

Modern lifestyles and an aging population are largely responsible for the increase in dry eye symptoms. The contraceptive pill, underlying illnesses and health conditions as well as some medication can also trigger dry eyes. In healthy eyes, tears help create lubricating and cleaning film over the eye, and dry eyes occur when this film is inadequate in terms of quantity or composition when there is not enough fluid to adequately create this film. The goal when relieving the symptoms is to rehydrate the surface of the eye and recreate the tear film. A range of treatments are available but all too often these do not possess the ideal properties to address the symptoms and causes of dry eyes. Some products are too viscous (blurry and sticky) and others are too watery (don’t stay on the eye for long). 

Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief contains a unique biopolymer combination of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP). Both agents improve the stability of the tear film and reduce the symptoms associated with dry eye. However, when combined together, evidence shows that they act synergistically with greater water absorption than either ingredient alone. This maximises the all-important retention on the eye’s surface and gives excellent lubrication. These qualities enable the normalisation of the eye’s conjunctival mucus and the restoration of the stability of the tear film, bringing relief for dry eye symptoms.

Now a series of in-depth clinical trials and laboratory tests have shown just how effective Rohto® can be. In the first study , Rohto® was compared to an alternative tear substitute product. A total of 20 dry eye patients took either Rohto® Dry Eye Relief or the other product for 28 days. Analysis showed that volunteers treated with Rohto® had significantly more recovery from eye damage caused by dry eye.

In the second study , a randomised double-blind controlled trial, Rohto® Dry Eye Relief was compared with Optive® eye solution, an over-the-counter artificial tear product. A total of 48 male and female dry eye sufferers aged 24 to 82 in Italy took part in the three month study. One group used Rohto® and the other used Optive® over the 12 weeks, with both products used four times a day.

Of the Rohto┬« users, 78.3% had an improved ocular surface disease index – a gauge for eye surface damage – compared to 44% of the Optive┬« users. Furthermore, 95.7% of the Rohto┬« group reported that their symptoms had improved or disappeared altogether, compared to 80% of the Optive┬« patients. The results demonstrate that patients with moderate dry eye can be safely and effectively treated with Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief monodose. The results also suggest that Rohto┬« is a tear substitute that is more effective than other dry eye relief products (Optive┬«) in improving the signs and symptoms of mild to moderate dry eye.

In the third study , Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief was compared to hyaluronic acid based eye drops. A total of 22 people took part in the double blind trial over a 60-day period – half were given Rohto┬« and the other half HA-based eye drops. Rohto┬« was found to improve the condition of the eye surface by 56.5% overall, compared to just 8.7% for those using HA eye drops alone. It was up to five times more effective in treating damage than using HA alone.

Patients using Rohto┬« had significantly increased tear break-up time – an important marker of how stable the tear film is – rising from 4.1 seconds at the beginning of the treatment period to 6.2 seconds after a month of use. Eye comfort was also improved significantly, with symptoms of stinging and grittiness being reduced. After 60 days of Rohto┬« treatment, symptoms improved by 35% compared to 7.7% for those using HA eye drops alone. Damage to the eye in dry eye sufferers was reduced by 33.3% in the Rohto┬« group, compared to just a 5.3% improvement in the HA group.

In addition to the above studies, a fourth and final review was undertaken.   A total of 38 dry eye patients in nine optician practices in the UK used Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief drops for up to four weeks. Symptoms of dryness, grittiness, itchiness and redness improved significantly following use of Rohto┬«, with average symptom frequency falling by as much as five times. Results also showed that soft contact lens wearers found greater comfort throughout the day following use of the preservative-free daily dose of Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief.

Dry eye scientist, Dr Christine Purslow, says: “The problem of dry eyes is a growing one in the UK, down to a number of lifestyle and healthcare factors, not least because as a nation we are getting older. This means the proportion of people suffering age-related conditions – including dry eye – is increasing. However, there are also many other factors that can trigger the condition in younger people as well. Dry eye can be very unpleasant for sufferers, badly affecting work, family and social lives.”

“Dry eyes mean that the normal tear film production and lubricating of the eye is not functioning adequately, sometimes leading to intense discomfort and disturbed vision. The key goal for makers of dry eye treatments is to come up with drops that simulate as closely as possible the composition and effectiveness of the real tear film. This means that eye drops not only stay for as long as possible on the eye, but also have the right properties to allow proper mimicking of the natural tears during blinking to avoid blurred vision.”

“Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief works in exactly this way and is an important step forward in the treatment of dry and gritty eyes. It has been scientifically shown to provide fast and effective relief. Because of Rohto Dry Eye Relief’s special formulation, it can last for a long time on the eye so greatly reducing the number of applications needed throughout the day to maintain comfort. Getting patients to comply with treatment is crucial; Rohto Dry Eye Relief has easy to use and re-sealable daily-dose vials that you can carry around, making re-application two or three times a day conveniently simple. Rohto Dry Eye Relief is a significant development for anyone who suffers from dry eyes.”Retouch Range cropped.jpg

More detail on Rohto® Dry Eye Relief
Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief is a unique and novel addition in the fight against dry eyes. Its key component, HydraMed, is an advanced patented formulation of two active ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which helps restore and retain hydration, and Tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP), which helps repair the surface of the eye. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring polymer normally found within the human eye. It has incredible water attracting properties and can draw 3,000 times  its own weight in water. This greatly reduces evaporation – and hence fluid loss from the eye. HA mimics the natural tear film in the eye, which is crucial for good eye health. The other key ingredient – Tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) – is a naturally occurring muco-adhesive polymer that produces a visco-elastic solution and has a chemical structure similar to important proteins called mucins on the eye’s surface.

Rohto┬« Dry Eye Relief is unique because its key ingredients work together synergistically to provide an effect far greater than the sum of its two parts. The HydraMed formulation mimics the behaviour of natural human tears, becoming less viscous and sticky during a blink and more viscous between blinks – this allows easy blinking without stickiness. HydraMed’s excellent fluid – retaining properties mean that water loss from the tear film is minimised, so the formula stays on the eye for longer.

How tears work
Tears are secreted by special glands located around the eye. Tear fluid contains:
ÔÇó water to provide moisture
ÔÇó oils for lubrication
ÔÇó mucus to facilitate even spreading of the tears across the surface of the eye
ÔÇó antibodies and proteins for resistance to infection
ÔÇó nutritional elements for the ocular surface

A moist, healthy eye surface is essential for normal vision. A sufficient quantity and quality of tears, as well as regular blinking, are among the requirements for a healthy eye surface. The production and drainage of tears is a continuous biological process. The tears drain down small openings near the inside corner of the eye and flow down into a channel called the tear duct into the nose.

The tear film is made up of three layers:
ÔÇó The main middle watery layer. The watery fluid comes from the lachrimal gland just above the eye, near the eyebrow. Fluid drains into the upper part of the eyes. When you blink, the eyelid spreads the tears over the eye’s surface.

ÔÇó The thin outer lipid (oily) layer. Tiny glands in the eyelids (meibomian glands) make a small amount of oily liquid, which forms the outer layer of the tear film. This layer helps to keep the tear film smooth and to reduce evaporation.

ÔÇó The thin inner mucus layer. Cells of the conjunctiva at the front of the eye and inner part of the eyelids make a HEADSHOT cropped.jpgsmall amount of mucus. This allows the watery fluid to spread evenly over the surface of the eye.

Actresss Laura Tebbutt tells her story:

“I am an actress and hence busy juggling different jobs so that I can act. Like so many people and indeed my friends I’ve always been guilty of forgetting to replace my eye make-up, and I also tend not to take off my eye-make up at night. I just need my shut eye after a night out or finishing work late.My eyes have started to become unbearably itchy, sore and dry. I have been in and out of rehearsals; reading scripts etc and I thought this had caused my eyes to be dry. As a result, I have been fortunate enough to act as one of Rohto’s case study trialists. I have been diagnosed as having dry eyes and I have to say I know nothing about this condition, well I didn’t until I found out I had it. I have been using Rohto Dry Eye Relief for a month now and I have noticed a real difference with my eyes. My eyes feel so relieved and refreshed. The sore, gritty feeling has gone.”

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