Would a pay-as-you-visit scheme tempt you to the gym?


ExerciseWould we visit the gym more if we could pay for it visit by visit?


Heart Research UK’s health tip for the week is to visit the gym and maybe more importantly, find a gym which suits the way we want to exercise and how often.


Picking the right gym and reducing the amount of pressure on ourselves is key to getting ourselves healthy.


Whether we all admit it or not, the pressure we put on ourselves to get fit (and lose weight) just creates an extra barrier for us to get through. We spend money on gym memberships and equipment that we won’t really use and then spend the year flagellating ourselves about not using them.

How many of us have already signed up for a new gym membership this January, a membership that we will probably use once or twice a week until February? A healthy decision, for both you and your wallet, may be to register for ‘payasUgym’.

The scheme may not be for you if you love your local gym or already have a tried and tested routine for fitting exercise into your daily life but if not, payasUgym may be worth a try.

Over 100 gyms in London and the southeast have become part of this scheme, in which you register for an ‘ePass’ and no longer have to worry about joining fees, membership or not getting to the gym enough.

Registering and paying for your gym visits using an ‘ePass’ can even be done by loading an app onto your iPhone.

The service is fast expanding, with new gyms and health clubs joining all the time, ranging from the practical quick visit gyms to the more luxurious end of the scale.

The service launches on January 21st, so register for more information by visiting their website (www.payasUgym.com)

If you are a gym owner you can also register for information by visiting their website.