The Clinic of Cybernetic Medicine Moscow

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Clinic of Cybernetic Medicine
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“We treat the whole person – not just their illnesses” – Alexander Avshalumov, Founder and Director

This clinic specialises in the treatment – investigating the body as a whole – of many illnesses including:

• Diabetes
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Neuroses and depression
• Hepatitis including “C”
• Breast disease and endometriosis
• Erectile disfunction
• Migraine, dizziness and headaches of uncertain origin
• Psoriasis and eczema
• Multiple sclerosis
• Heart disease
• Hypertension
• Arthritis and stiff joint problems
• Spinal disc problems – back pain
• Acute and chronic lung disease
• Kidney disease
• Male and female genital disorders
• Thyroid gland disorders
• Abdominal and duodental ulcers
• Disorders of the pancreas and intestines
• Selected oncology
• Chronic fatigue syndrome such as ME
• Obesity
• Complex symptoms of ill-health without clear diagnostics

In its approach to illness the clinic looks at the whole body and organ function in a series of comprehensive tests. These include “The Gold Standard” which includes 15 different types of diagnositics. Most of them are non-invasive: all are totally safe. The whole process takes only three to five hours – the result: a unique protrait of a person’s state of health, from the micro the macro, from the level of cellular metabolism and each individual body organ, to the working of the body as a coordinated, well-managed entity. The process is unique to this Moscow clinic.

The Gold Standard leads to an individually-designed programme of treatment which treats the body as a whole, restoring proper management and fuction.

The results to date are clear. A wide range of illnesses have ben successfully treated and chronic conditions and symptoms may be quickly and safely alleviated in our out-patients clinic in Moscow.

The Clinic of Cybernetic Medicine uses the latest US and Russian equipment including cardio vision equipment, cellular metabolism diagnostics, radio thermometry and magnetic tornado therapy amongst others.