How Invisalign can give you a radiant smile


London: Nearly half of us are embarrassed by our teeth – now you can flash those perfect pearlies… with confidence!

It’s the simplest of secrets to looking great, but so many of us still don’t make the most of nature’s greatest beauty tool, a great smile. Your smile is a genuine reflection of your deepest feelings; it costs nothing and enriches those you encounter, a smile conveys your self-esteem and exudes confidence to the world around you.

Yet, according to a new survey by Align Technology, makers of the Invisalign system, which uses a series of removable clear aligners to gradually move the teeth, nearly half of us Brits (46%) are well and truly embarrassed about the state of our teeth. Having a smile to be proud of is really important – your smile is in fact one of the first things people notice when they meet you. Research shows that not only is a great smile the first thing a third of women notice in a potential love interest, but six in ten of us also agree that a winning smile makes you appear more confident – and thus far more attractive.

While many of us still long for a perfectly straight smile, we’re haunted with visions of the metal train tracks and hours in the dentist’s chair. So what do we need to do to achieve perfectly straight pearly whites? Help is at hand from Dental practitioner Dr Paul Humber and relationship psychologist Dr. Pam Spurr who offer some simple tips to making your teeth something to be proud of:

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Top Tips for a perfect smile, for every step of the way

1. Watch what you eat and drink – We all know red wine and coffee can stain your teeth, but sticking to lighter drinks can make a huge difference.

2. Keep a toothbrush in your bag – You can get rid of the post lunch build up at work, so the hot guy in the office always sees you at your best

3. Use your mirror – Find the teeth that are the most stained and concentrate on those when brushing to get an even better smile!

4. Floss – Get in the gaps to remove build up; bottle brushes are great too and available in most shops

5. Keep up with latest technology – From teeth straightening and whitening, it has come along way, which means it’s never too late to sort out your teeth.

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