The Bonus Years Diet by Ralph Felder MD

The Bonus Years Diet by Ralph Felder MD


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On doctor’s orders you can indulge in the finest dark chocolate; enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner; snack on some tasty almonds.Miraculously, with every delicious bite you are lowering your blood pressure, keeping your cholesterol in check, and preventing clots that can easily cause a heart attack or stroke.

Make this routine part of your lifestyle, and soon you’ll be reaping the bounty of the Bonus Years Diet-an expanded lifeline and shrinking waistline!! How it is possible that such a great tasting meal can do so many good things for you? What is the secret behind all of those bonus years foods?

Well to answer those questions you need to know a bit of the history and science of the Bonus Years. Based on revolutionary research over the past twenty five years, doctors now routinely prescribe a drug cocktail consisting of aspirin, a statin to lower cholesterol, and medications to decrease blood pressure and reduce inflammation. All of these drugs have been carefully chosen because they all also help to protect the lining cells (endothelium) of the body’s blood vessels, cells which we understand after decades of intensive medical study are critical in preventing the formation of those dangerous fatty clots which can cause strokes and heart attacks.

The Bonus Years Diet distinguishes itself from every other diet or “super foods” book because its eating plan is based on a proven medical protocol, which includes exactly which foods- and in what precise amount (“dosages”) -are needed to receive their full medical and longevity benefits.  The result is seven Bonus Years Foods, recommended in exactly the right amounts to provide maximum cardiovascular benefit. They are:
                                                      Red Wine
One five ounce glass of red wine daily reduces overall cardiovascular risk by 32%. Red wine helps to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) and prevent the formation of fatty blood clots.
                                                     Dark Chocolate
A two ounce serving of chocolate daily reduces blood pressure due to its plant chemicals called flavonoids, leading to a 21% reduction in cardiovascular risk.
                                                 Fruits and Vegetables
Eating four cups (measured raw) of fruits and vegetables reduces cardiovascular risk by 21% due to  blood pressure lowering effects.

Eating three five ounce servings of fish each week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 14% because it helps to prevent heart rhythm disturbances and the formation of fatty clots in the blood vessels.

One clove of garlic a day helps to lower cholesterol and reduce cardiovascular risk by about 25%.

Eating two ounces of nuts daily reduces cholesterol and cardiovascular risk by about 10%.

The result, The Bonus Years Diet, features thirty days of meal plans and more than 125 recipes, which include the Bonus Years Foods along with Booster and Bonus Compatible foods.

The Bonus Years Diet: 7 Miracle Foods–Including Chocolate, Red Wine, and Nuts — That Can Add 6.4 Years on Average to Your Life costs  $29.95 (£15,50, €22)

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Bonus Years Diet: 7 Miracle Foods That Could Help Add 6.4 Years on Average to Your Life


The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno

The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno

Eat-Clean Diet [640x480].jpgTired of yo-yo dieting, self-deprivation, and unhealthy eating?  Want to lose weight, get fit, and stay that way for the rest of your life?  This book is filled with solid nutritional advice, a two-week meal plan, delicious healthy recipes, and real-life stories to keep readers motivated.


Tosca Reno’s THE EAT-CLEAN DIET cuts through the maze of fad-diet misinformation, presenting a lifestyle plan that guarantees healthy, steady weight-loss by eating five or six meals a day.

Reno, who struggled with her weight for more than twenty years, discovered the Eat-Clean lifestyle at age forty.  Within a year, she not only lost weight, but gained body tone and overall fitness – so much so that she became a cover girl, bathing-suit model, and an inspiration for other women who want to look and feel great.  For the past several years, Reno has been a columnist and spokesperson for the women’s fitness magazine Oxygen. 
According to Reno, the Eat-Clean Diet works because it incorporates healthy eating habits into daily life.  “It’s not just a diet; it’s a lifestyle,” she explains.  “Eating Clean isn’t about
denying yourself or going hungry, it’s about eating with thought and planning.  By adopting the Eat-Clean lifestyle, your body will have a chance at looking its all-time best.”

THE EAT-CLEAN DIET focuses on consuming delicious, nutrient-rich “clean” foods at regular intervals throughout the day, beginning with breakfast.  Eating five or six smaller meals a day allows the body’s metabolism to burn steadily, keeping insulin and blood-sugar levels stable – preventing hunger pangs and cravings for unhealthy foods like soda or chocolate.  For Reno, a “clean” food is anything nutritious that is as close as possible to how it occurs in nature, with no added color, taste, or preservatives, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, poultry, fish, dairy, whole grains, and more. Costs $16.95 (£8.60, €12.68)

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The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat Loss That Lasts Forever!