Cloudy apple juice is better for health

Wroclaw: Apple juice that contains the pulp is far better than the clear variety, says a new report from Poland.

Scientists at the Agriculture University of Wroclaw have found that cloudy juice – which also tastes better – has four times the amount of beneficial nutrients to fight cancer and heart disease.

Apples, like other fruits, contain polyphenols – antioxidants that help protect the cells of the body and lower the risk of disease and protect the immune system.

Cloudy juice contains the pulp and therefore a higher amount of the good substances in the fruit. Clear juice removes the beneficial-antioxidants called procyanidins. It is thought that an enzyme used to treat pressed apples to make the juice clear and removal of the pulp take away all the goodness.

In a report in the Science of Food and Agriculture, the scientists conclude: ‘Cloudy and clear apple juices differed markedly in their content of procyanidins, which is reflected in their anti-oxidant capacity.’

Although the study only looked at apples, it is likely that the same applies to other fruits where the juice is refined.

There is mounting evidence that fruits and vegetables offer first-line of defence protection against illness and disease. Last year a study found that drinking fruit and vegetable juices more than three times a week can dramatically cut the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Canadian researchers also recently recommended that drinking a glass of cranberry juice a day as a method of heart attack prevention as it raises levels of ‘good cholesterol’ in the blood by 8 per cent.