Get a strong pelvic floor – your questions answered


London: Learn how to strengthen your pelvic muscles in seven simple steps – live web chat with expert Kari Bo: date: Tuesday 11th September 2007 Chat time: 16:30 (GMT-1)

Whether you have just had a baby or are just looking to increase sexual comfort and pleasure, help is at hand. Kari Bo, a world expert in exercise science and physiotherapy has spent 20 years researching and treating women with pelvic floor problems. She has found that the failure to exercise these muscles is due to a lack of knowledge and guidance of how. In a rare opportunity, she joins us today to demonstrate some simple steps to strengthen your inner core, from her brand new DVD- PELVICORE Technique. So clear a space in your living room, grab a yoga mat and learn from the expert.

There are seven main exercises that Kari has pioneered and developed that will help women of all ages restore balance and regain control of their body. By following her brilliantly simple exercise programme you can improve your tummy tone, posture and even your sex life.

The pelvic floor specifically helps control posture, movement, control and tummy tone. Childbirth, age and loss of tone can all contribute to a loss of control, which can be unexpected and unnerving for any woman. The great thing is that by regularly doing these very simple exercises, you can strengthen the muscles to their former glory. Whether you have back pain, bladder weaknesses, stress incontinence, or are merely looking to enhance your sex life, Kari Bo is here to help you regain control and demonstrate her simple exercises.

Kari Bo joins us live online at Kari Bo web chat on 11th September at 16:30 to demonstrate how by following some simple exercises we can improve the tone and control of our pelvic floor muscles.

Her DVD is available FREE to anyone who joins the Core Wellness programme- a unique Europe-wide project to help women regain balance and improve their health and wellbeing in an increasingly hectic life.

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