Scientists discover Atkins secret

London: Scientists investigating how the Atkins Diet works have discovered that protein supresses hunger hormones.

In the experiment, the mice were put on a high protein diet with the result that they produced more of an appetite regulating protein known as YY or PYY. This protein is also found in humans.

The study which is published in the magazine Cell Metabolism advices that eating protein is a good way losing weight and also for keeping it in check.

Lead researcher, Rachel Batterham from the University College of London, said that the research demonstrated the theory that eating more protein may reduce appetite and lead to sustained weight loss.

The findings also reveal how the Atkins diet might actually work, keeping carbohydrates low and protein high in the diet.

Batterman explains that in the early stages, a condition called ketosis sets in causing the liver to go on starvation mode in the absence of glycogen: “The problem is that it makes you feel terrible.”