Tummy Tuck

In this operation known as “abdominoplasty” a “mini-tuck” is used to remove tissue. A “full tuck” for larger amounts. It is a solution for a protruding or sagging stomach, sometimes following pregnancy and which is difficult to get rid of through exercise. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. The best results are achieved if the excess local fat is removed at the same time using liposuction, and the weak abdominal muscles can be tightened too. The operation takes about two hours. The stiches along the bikini line are removed first after a week and the scar takes around six weeks to heal. A support girdle needs to be worn for about three weeks and no strenuous exercise should be taken for six weeks. There will be permenant scarring, though most of it hidden below the bikini line. There will be some numbness at first but this should disappear. If the patient watches their diet and takes regular exercise the effect is permenant. Discomfort is slight to moderate, but controllable with painkillers and a hospital stay of one to four nights is required.