This surgery is mainly used by those who would like larger or fuller lips or those born with abnormalities or injuries. There are a number of different procedures ranging from temporary to permanent. In temporary procedures different substances are injected – to give a Paris (pouting) lip. The commonest material for this iscollagen for which an allergy test is required. Other substances include Hylaform and Restylane. Another alternative is using the patients own fat collected from the abdomen or buttocks.

Permanent sustances are firmer but can sometimes result in a lumpy appearance. One of the newer substances is Artecoll which can be injected without anaesthetic and gives a softer result. The treated areas are supported by dressings to keep the fat in place and removed after two or three days. Bruising and swelling disappear after a few weeks. Results are good, but not all the transplanted fat cells survive, so surgeons usually transplant more than is necessary. The final results will not be seen for some time and a second operation may be needed.