Swimming is one of the kindest exercises for the body. The water supports the body, which is particularly helpful if you are not fit. It is an excellent heart and lung strengthener which will improve the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. The water pressure also assists the heart in pumping blood around the body.Another plus is that you remain cool. If you swim for an hour, you will burn 270 calories. The long sweeps of arms and legs while you move through the water, keep muscles strong, lean and toned, particularly the arms, shoulders, stomach and legs. Back stroke and breast stroke also keep you flexible, particularly in your arms as you are working against 12 times the resistance of air. It is most beneficial, though, for the mind. It is particularly good for women, reducing their tension, anxiety and improving the quality of their sleep. Even better, there’s no need to stay out of the pool if you don’t know how to swim, as most gyms and public baths have water aerobics, which are gentle and low-impact for non-swimmers.